OSTs, singles, and all them remixes

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OSTs, singles, and all them remixes

Post by Tara »

SO! I'm currently working on the music section of the site, and I have aaaaaaaall of the lyrics (including ones I had to do myself from the Fam OSTs-- forever buttmad at the other babblelanguage getting lyrics but not Lost Friend ROAR ROAR). I have the series OSTs set up, but I could use both some opinions as well as maaaaaybe some help with the rest.

The first question would be, should I post covers/tracklists for the artist singles for the OPs? Like the Cloud Age Symphony single and the Buddy single. OR should I just stick to the music from the actual series since those songs are on the OSTs anyway? I ask this mainly because there is a remix of Lost Friend on an album but it's kind of also filled with Hitomi's other series stuff. So maybe instead of single stuff, I can have one section for all of those full or TV versions, remixes, etc with series specific songs instead of all of those extras?

I ask this because I also have a lot of mp3s and such of live performances that would also go there. I have two live versions of Buddy, a music box version of Buddy and Over the Sky. So maybe instead of taking up page room with single stuff I can just put all of those extras into one section.

Another question is I'd like to have all music/tracks available to listen to. However the two issues with that are uploading them to the domain which could end in a request to take them down due to copyright, or to link to the available youtube playlists people have made. But in that case I myself live in America so I do not know if those videos will be available to everyone visiting the site who might want to go listen. 'w' Dilemmas.

Here's a list of the extra stuff not on the OSTs that I have:

- Buddy (full ver) (OSTs don't have the full, only the TV size)
- Buddy (Countdown LIVE 2012 - 2013)
- Buddy (in the silence Live 2011)
- Buddy (Orgel)
- Buddy (Melodic Taste)
- Cloud Age Symphony - AGt Mix -
- Cloud Age Symphony - Grand Stream Mix -
- Starboard (TV-size)
- Starboard [Angel Feather Ver.]
- Lost Friend (remix)
- Over the Sky (Orgel)

I think I also need to go nab TV versions for the first series OPs and EDs for this section. But yes, any of those and if there are other remixes or whatnot not on that list, I'd love if people could share them so we can have a whole list of things! I plan on making a youtube account (or if there is another mp3 listening upload place that would be more international happy depending on what it is) for the extra stuff not already uploaded on YT if we go that route. :T

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Post by Csilla Aria »

I think info about the other albums would be useful.
Would SoundCloud work for letting people listen to music? That's the only thing I can think of.

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