My Last Exile fanfiction thread

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My Last Exile fanfiction thread

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I don't want to go making several threads for my fanfic. That could possibly get cluttery and annoying, so I'm going to try and keep a nice, neat, updated list of all my fics here.

Mega Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Last Exile, or anything associated with it. not making any money from this

Beyond the Sky series.
Notes: An AU series started before I new Ginyoku no Fam was going to be a thing. Sadly after several stories in the series I just lost steam for it, I don't think I'll ever finish. All the fics currently written are complete though. I'll try to post them in chronological order.

Beyond the Sky
Summary: An unexpected survivor brings hope, but there is still much to do, and no one is out of danger yet.
Characters: Alex Row, Sophia Forrester, Vincent Alzey, Dio Eraclea
Parings: Alex/Sophia friendship, hinting at romance.
Warnings: Violence
Extra: This is the first fic I wrote after getting back into the fandom, and the first multi-chapter fic I've ever finished.

Bees, and Honey
Summary: Another BtS side story, a stupid little humor "flash back" fic about "the thing with the bees" Alex tells Sophia about in Chapter 5 of BtS.
Characters: Alex Row, Vincent Alzey
Parings: None
Warnings: Bees

Summary: Side story to BtS, takes place between the last chapter and the epilogue of Beyond the Sky. This was originally supposed to be a silly story about Dio's antics of trying to get Alex to adopt a kitten. Things once again got away from me, and it turned into a bit of an exploration about how Dio, and Alex feel about the changes in their lives.
Characters: Dio Eraclea, Alex Row
Parings: none
Warnings: none

Summary: Another year older, birthdays after the war. A BtS side story. takes place after BtS.
Characters: Alex Row, Sophia Forrester, Vincent Alzey
Parings: Strongly hinted Alex/Sophia
Warnings: none

Beyond the Sky: Blood Rose
Summary: Over a year after the war has ended, Exile is finally returning for the rest of the people of Prester. However ‘Delphine’s’ army has not yet given up the fight, and what they have in store is far more surprising than anyone ever expected.
Characters: Alex Row, Sophia Forrester, Vincent Alzey, Dio Elacrea, Lucciola
Parings: Alex/Sophia friendship, hinting at romance, hints of Dio/Lucciola
Warnings: Violence

Shifting Tides
Summary: After several months on Earth, Alex and Sophia take some well earned shore leave.
Characters: Alex Row, Sophia Forrester
Parings: Alex/Sophia
Warnings: Nudity, mentions of sex, nothing graphic.

Ghost Stories
Summary: Strange incidents occur after an enemy death on board the Silvana. BtS side story, takes place after Shifting Tides.
Characters: Alex Row, Sophia Forrester, Dio Eraclea, Claus Valca
Parings: Alex/Sophia
Warnings: implied sex, violence, OC death

Summary: The crew of the Silvana is invited to a wedding, and marriage isn’t the only thing to be expected in the future.
Characters: Mullin Shetland, Dunya Scheer, Alex Row, Sophia Forrester
Parings: Mullin/Dunya, Alex/Sophia
Warnings: hinted sex, nothing graphic, violence
Extra: Final fic of the BtS series, ends on a happy note, but kind of a cliffhanger too, Sorry about that. Also introduces Sybil Loring, the most useful OC I've ever come up with. You're going to see her in other fics.

Other Fics

Summary: One shot, AU dark fic. After Euris’ death Sophia was mostly raised by Marius. What if the emperor hadn’t allowed that?
Characters: Sophia Forrester, Alex Row, Euris Bassianus
Parings: none
Warnings: mild violence, AU induced OOC, Dark fic

Wild Birds
Summary: AU: This started out as a series of ficlets about what life might have been like if Alex had gone back for Claus and Lavie after Justina's death, it ended up being an AU of the entire series.
Characters: Alex Row, Sophia Forrester, Claus Valca, Lavie Head, Dio Eraclea
Parings: Eventual Alex/Sophia
Warnings: implied sex, violence, somewhat graphic violence

Hide and seek
Summary: While playing a game of hide and seek, Alvis chooses a most unexpected hiding spot.
Characters: Alvis E. Hamilton, Alex Row
Parings: None
Warnings: None

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