100 Questions Survey

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100 Questions Survey

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So scouring through internet archives to dredge up as much old fanart as I could, I came across one of those old 100 question fandom surveys specifically for LE! I decided to translate it for us be it here, on a blog, whatever! It'll go up on the domain proper soon enough. ♥ Lots of cute dorky questions from websites circa the early 2000s.

1. How did you learn about Last Exile?
2. Had you heard of Last Exile in passing before then?
3. What was your first impression of Last Exile?
4. How long have you been a fan of Last Exile?
5. Did you see any clips before you watched Last Exile?
6. What part of Last Exile do you think is its charm?
7. Do you own the series on DVD/Blu-Ray/etc?
8. Have you read the novel version?
9. Have you listened to the soundtrack?
10. Have you purchased merchandise from Last Exile? If so, what did you buy?
11. Have you recommended Last Exile to others? If so, what was the reaction?
12. What do you think a highlight of Last Exile is?
13. Are there any scenes you wish they added/added to/elaborated on?
14. Last Exile in a nutshell?
15. What color(s) do you associate with Last Exile?
16. Has Last Exile ever influenced anything in your life?
17. What is Last Exile to you?
18. Who is your favorite character?
19. What is your favorite location?
20. What other characters do you like?
21. Any character you dislike?
22. What character are you most similar to?
23. Are there any places that remind you of the series?
24. What character would you most want to be friends with?
25. What character would you want to be your brother or sister?
26. What character would you want to be your lover?
27. What character would you marry?
28. What is your favorite episode? Use its title, if possible.
29. What is your favorite scene?
30. Why is this your favorite scene?
31. What is your least favorite scene?
32. Why is this your least favorite scene?
33. What scene was most moving to you?
34. Funniest scene?
35. Saddest scene?
36. Whose death was the saddest?
37. What's a good thing about being a fan of Last Exile?
38. What's a bad thing about being a fan of Last Exile?
39. If you could be any character in Last Exile, who would it be?
40. First impression of Claus?
41. What you think of Claus now?
42. First impression of Lavie?
43. What you think of Lavie now?
44. First impression of Alvis?
45. What you think of Alvis now?
46. First impression of Alex?
47. What you think of Alex now?
48. First impression of Sophia?
49. What you think of Sophia now?
50. First impression of Tatiana?
51. What you think of Tatiana now?
52. First impression of Alister?
53. What you think of Alister now?
54. First impression of Mullin?
55. What you think of Mullin now?
56. First impression of Dunya?
57. What you think of Dunya now?
58. First impression of Vincent?
59. What you think of Vincent now?
60. First impression of Dio?
61. What you think of Dio now?
62. First impression of Lucciola?
63. What you think of Lucciola now?
64. Favorite pairing?
65. Favorite duo?
66. Sort each character by blood type. A-type?
67. B-type?
68. O-type?
69. AB-type?
70. Which character can best hold their liquor?
71. Which character can't hold their liquor?
72. Have you ever drawn fanart of Last Exile? What/who did you draw?
73. Have you ever written fanfic?
74. Have you ever drawn a doujinshi?
75. Have you ever purchased doujinshi?
76. Have you ever cosplayed? Who did you cosplay as?
77. Do you have any Last Exile merchandise that you cherish?
78. Has Last Exile made you want to play chess?
79. Please recommend any good Last Exile websites.
80. How do you feel about the opening animation?
81. How do you feel about the ending animation?
82. What do you think of the opening song?
83. What do you think of the ending song?
84. Do you think 26 episodes was too short or too long?
85. What are some quotes from the series that stood out to you?
86. Is there anything you want to say to any of the characters?
87. Silvana, Anatoray, Disith, Urbanus Guild; which would you want to be part of?
88. Captain, lieutenant, mechanic, vanship pilot, musket soldier, Maestro(?!); which position would you want to be in?
89. Music other than its OST that you think fits Last Exile?
90. Is there any food you associate with/any favorite snacks you like to eat while watching Last Exile?
91. The "Door to Exile." If you had it, would you put it up for auction and at what price?
92. What would you drink at the bar in Walker's Palace?
93. Do you remember Dio's birthday song?
94. Other than Vincent's coffee, what else would you like to drink?
95. is the dove a symbol of peace to you (Anatoray)? Or food (Disith)?
96. Are there any hairstyles you'd want to wear? (example: Alex's wavy hair, Lavie's short bob)
97. If you had a vanship, would you be a pilot of a navi?
98. Any candid thoughts about the series that pop into mind?
99. Any outcomes you wish had happened?
100. Impressions after finishing all of the questions?

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