What's going on in your life?

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Astral Kyouki
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What's going on in your life?

Post by Astral Kyouki »

I thought I'd start a thread where we could discuss what's going on in our lives outside of the world of the Internet, and maybe get to know each other a little better!

To start off, I've been quite busy lately. I recently got my first job working at the local mall. My task is to recruit random people to take movie surveys and give their opinions on the trailers shown to them. Of course, however, everything is extremely confidential. I don't think Hollywood would want people to blab about an upcoming movie before it's even released into the world of advertising ;) The job can be stressful, but I really enjoy it! I get to meet a lot of interesting people, and my co-workers are awesome.

In addition to that, my great grandmother recently passed away, which wasn't too much of a surprise to any of us, considering that her health had been failing for over a year now, and we all were accepting of the loss due to the fact that we knew she lived a very long and fulfilling life. Personally, I'm Catholic, so I believe that she is in a much happier place now :) In addition, some family members from Tennessee came up for the funeral, so it was really nice getting to see them again. I hadn't even seen two of my cousins and my one cousin's husband in over three years!

Finally, I'm going back to school in two weeks. I'm actually looking forward to this, since I really miss being able to talk to my teachers and friends, and completing assignments!

What's been going on in your guys' lives? I'd love to hear some stories or just any tidbits, really, of what you guys are into or what you've been up to lately!

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Post by Tara »

Ooh that job sounds like a lot of fun! And I'm sorry about your grandmother. :( I was in the same boat there at the start of the year. Are you studying anything specific in school?

As for me uuuh. Well my job most people know what I do but I tend to only talk about it in private/locked areas that can't be searched for/found online mostly because of the community kind of being the sort that does that. And I like keeping my fandomy internet life separate from all that. XD But living in NYC I can say it is theater related on the Great White Way. :T (nothing spectacular though, what I do is more customer/patron related) But I love it and it's fun, even though right now my theater is closed and has been for a while we transition between shows, so when there are long waits in between it can be sort of a bummer.

I am also last minute scrambling because I'm leaving for Otakon tomorrowwwwwww. I finished up a last minute thing for my cosplay in true cosplay fashion since what is getting anything done early??? Aside from that I've been slowly working on site stuff but also getting some stuff back from my hard drive dying a couple of weeks ago.

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Post by lilyexile »

Well, my life is pretty low key right now. School starts in about a week:( and it's almost the end of our holy month so I won't see a lot of my new friends. Im going to to my last year at my current school level (yes!) so I'm probably the youngest one here. Aside from that I have piano exams this year and my huge FCAT science,writes,reads, and math exams so... Yeah. I'm trying to get a few of my friends to watch LE and two say they will!
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