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Postby Tara » Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:26 pm

Did 1/4 pages for Claus and Lavie so far! Located here!

Spoiler: show
Fly to the Sky
Soaring ... Claus & Lavie

Left: Claus Valca
Right: Lavie Head

Claus and Lavie. Friends from early childhood. Two people, who believed that together they could do anything. Claus and Lavie's fathers were famous vanship pilots. However, leaving in their vanship with a smile, they were lost to the Grand Stream. From this day, the two of them vowed to cross the Grand Stream that their fathers could not.

For these two were both completely alone, the clear blue expansive skies that seemed so faint were also their teacher. However, the girl brought from the skies, Al, who had the secret of their world entrusted to her, as well as their encounters with Alex and Dio, greatly changed Claus and Lavie's fate.

While Lavie has doubts about flying in an embattled sky, Claus holds the intuition that their fate can only be changed by flying in that sky. These trials in the sky will subtly change the relationship between these two. However, what lies in the hearts of these two people is the same pride of being a vanship pilot, longing for a free sky, their promise to their departed fathers ... Claus to protect Lavie and Al, Lavie to help Claus, for two people with these beliefs, they will stand up to the sky.

Text under screencaps:
Two people swore to cross the Grand Stream 10 years ago. These two grew into respectable vanship pilots.

These two who were a name combination from an early age never failed to throw themselves into the most difficult tasks.

The cargo taken over from Ralph was a young girl named Al. Claus tries to protect Al from a mysterious enemy.

Bottom text:
Claus & Lavie Episode Index

Episode 1 - "First Move" (DVD Volume 1)
Although these two people who make their earnings by flying through a fleet in the midst of fighting are cool, a sense of urgency is expected from Lavie, who was seen cutting the dried meat.

Episode 2 - "Luft Vanship" (DVD Volume 1)
Even though guns are actually drawn, the appearance of these two people who take pride and responsibility in their work is impressive.
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