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Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:26 pm
by Tara
Did 1/4 pages for Claus and Lavie so far! Located here!
Fly to the Sky
Soaring ... Claus & Lavie

Left: Claus Valca
Right: Lavie Head

Claus and Lavie. Friends from early childhood. Two people, who believed that together they could do anything. Claus and Lavie's fathers were famous vanship pilots. However, leaving in their vanship with a smile, they were lost to the Grand Stream. From this day, the two of them vowed to cross the Grand Stream that their fathers could not.

For these two were both completely alone, the clear blue expansive skies that seemed so faint were also their teacher. However, the girl brought from the skies, Al, who had the secret of their world entrusted to her, as well as their encounters with Alex and Dio, greatly changed Claus and Lavie's fate.

While Lavie has doubts about flying in an embattled sky, Claus holds the intuition that their fate can only be changed by flying in that sky. These trials in the sky will subtly change the relationship between these two. However, what lies in the hearts of these two people is the same pride of being a vanship pilot, longing for a free sky, their promise to their departed fathers ... Claus to protect Lavie and Al, Lavie to help Claus, for two people with these beliefs, they will stand up to the sky.

Text under screencaps:
Two people swore to cross the Grand Stream 10 years ago. These two grew into respectable vanship pilots.

These two who were a name combination from an early age never failed to throw themselves into the most difficult tasks.

The cargo taken over from Ralph was a young girl named Al. Claus tries to protect Al from a mysterious enemy.

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Claus & Lavie Episode Index

Episode 1 - "First Move" (DVD Volume 1)
Although these two people who make their earnings by flying through a fleet in the midst of fighting are cool, a sense of urgency is expected from Lavie, who was seen cutting the dried meat.

Episode 2 - "Luft Vanship" (DVD Volume 1)
Even though guns are actually drawn, the appearance of these two people who take pride and responsibility in their work is impressive.

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:13 am
by Tara
50 years later, I'm trying to kickstart myself into getting back into projects. Even though I feel rusty! Here's the rest of the Claus and Lavie section, since that's the last thing I started. :) Here, here & here!
Left: 6 years old
Right: 12 years old

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It was the captain of the Silvana, Alex, who saved Claus. However, Claus, despite being outraged with Alex's attitude, boarded the Silvana to protect Al.

Somehow, the important stuffed goat was caught. On the other hand, Claus tries to fight with the maintenance staff. The three were able to reunite... and joy showed itself again.

Lavie's sortie with Claus causes a red-out. Due to Tatiana's treatment of her due to this, she worries about a growing gap between her and the sky she envisioned. Because the sky should be free...

Won the 8-hour endurance race! The two of them win the highest honor. After that, Lavie tells Claus that she's no longer going to fly a vanship. She has doubts about a sky that's at war.

Lavie is now an aspiring mechanic. Al reacts to the Mysterion recited by Dio. During a battle, Claus and Tatiana go missing. Trials have appeared for all three of them.

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Episode 3 - "Transpose" (DVD Volume 3)
Lavie is surprisingly (excuse me!) good at cooking. Fat Chicken, who also briefly turns into a monstrous looking bird, is also mentioned as an extra note.

Episode 7 - "Interesting Claus" (DVD Volume 4)
An aerial battle with the Guild, where Lavie red-outs. Her growth begins here.

Episode 14 - "Etude Lavie" (DVD Volume 7)
The story of two children? No, it's the story of Lavie's "first vanship" as the title says.
Fly to the Sky
Soaring ... Claus & Lavie

The fighting in the sky intensified. But the feelings of Claus and Lavie kept passing each other. Lavie questions Claus, because Claus is always looking forward. Though it may have been a question to Lavie herself. The two of them come to a realization. They're both vanship pilots. And riding vanships into the war is the key. But Claus and Lavie vow not to fight, and instead fly their own path in the sky of their choice.

The battlefield enters a new stage. Claus and Lavie are separated by Delphine. At this time, Lavie comes to the realization for the first time that Claus is irreplaceable. Claus also takes note of the size of the absence of his friends and Lavie. Claus, who escapes the Guild, is greeted by the machine that the two love so much, that has been repaired by Lavie. They, along with Al, challenged the Grand Stream in order to save the world...

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Claus returns safely. Because of her feelings for Tatiana and Claus' obtuseness, Lavie closes her heart off.

On the other hand, Claus now knows the truth of his father's death as well as the true identity of his vanship. Both of their hearts grow as tumultuous as the war around them.

Two people staring at each other. Why do they fly in the sky...? That's the most important thing for a vanship pilot. Claus realizes why when they meet Mikhail.

Reuniting and racing with their close friends gave them peace of mind. But at the same time, both vanships and their friends being involved in the war was a painful thought.

A peaceful moment before the decisive battle. While the paths of various people cross each other, the Silvana searches to secure the Exile, and rushes into the Grand Stream.

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Claus & Lavie Episode Index

Episode 15 - "Fairy Chess" (DVD Volume 8)
Lavie's feelings are very upset, but Claus doesn't understand why at all. He also focuses on Tatiana, who has started to break down.

Episode 17 - "Making Material" (DVD Volume 9)
Meeting Mikhail as well as reuniting with their old racing friends in the Horizon Cave, they find a reason to fly.
Lavie on left: Silvana uniform & maintenance clothes
Claus on right: Silvana uniform & Guild clothing

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Securing the Exile was a success. However, the Silvana was taken over by Delphine. "I'll come back and protect you, Lavie"... Claus says as he's taken away.

Al was the key to awaken the Exile. And Claus learns what's beyond the sky. The arrogance and laziness of the Guild, and the fact that he was just a bystander.

"Claus has to come back alive." Lavie kept believing this as she waited. Eventually, Claus returns. Lavie, her feelings uncontrollable, was reduced to tears.

Claus is greeted by Lavie and his friends, as well as the machine they love, now upgraded with a specification to fly through the Grand Stream. In this moment, the famous combination was revived.

The promised time has come. Claus and Lavie take off to save the world and fulfill the dreams that their fathers could not. They fly their vanship into the Grand Stream.

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Episode 24 - "Sealed Move" (DVD Volume 12)
Claus and Lavie have a conversation using the pendant. A highlight is the scene of the group of racers preparing for war.

Episode 25 - "Quiet Move" (DVD Volume 13)
The process of friends returning to help and cooperate is a staple in anime. It raises morale before the decisive final battle.

Episode 26 - "Resign" (DVD Volume 13)
After all, a great scene with a team is refreshing to see. Starting a trip into a new world is suitable for a curtain call.