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[*] Constructive Discussion vs. "I Don't Like This Thing"[/size]
If a thread's subject content is something you're not particularly fond of, please consider skipping reading and/or (especially) joining in on it. For example, a thread about love for a character or pairing is for people who share that feeling for the subject at hand. Nobody likes a buzzkill coming in to talk about why this character or that pairing isn't cool/doesn't make sense. Meanwhile, a thread specifically about sharing opinions on weak and strong aspects of a series or plot point is fine to join in regardless of how you feel about it.

Basically, be constructive whether or not you have a positive or negative opinion on something in threads where discussion like that is expected. Keep in mind the difference of talking about why you personally think something wasn't as enjoyable as you think it could be versus "it sucks this sucks." Keep things civil and thoughtful! And remember we're all here more for the positive experience.

[*] Editing vs. Double Posting[/size]
In any general discussion, if nobody's replied to your post yet, please opt to edit your post instead of posting again if you forgot to add something! Double posting is cool only in instances of translation or other projects in that respective forum, due to it being a special case. Or, you know, if a thread dies and your last post was a question you were dying for an answer to. But still, wait a respectable amount of time before attempting to bump it! Use your best judgment.

[*] Language and Offensive Material[/size]
Nobody's going to get a smack down for a couple of f-bombs or whatever, so don't worry about that. Just try not to go curse-like-a-sailor overboard with it!

And if you're linking to something that might be more on the NSFW-side, please give your fellow users a heads up and don't directly post anything if it's an image! We do have spoiler tags.

[*] Stay on Topic[/size]
Pretty self-explanatory! Please try to keep threads on topic-- it's fine to have a couple of off-handed comments here and there, but again, please don't go overboard where it gets difficult to find discussion on the original topic of a thread.

[*] Grammar and Spam[/size]
Try to keep grammar/spelling legible enough for others to read (example: "u" is only 2 letters shorter than "you" and things will be a lot easier to read if you just type those two extra letters).

And again, it's more of a "just watch yourself" thing, but try not to use excessive emoticons or quick, short replies that aren't really contributing to a thread. Some is always fun, but try not to go too far with it.

[*] Licensed Material[/size]
Links to official streams and items are fine to post on the forum, but please try to refrain from posting illegal links and downloads to licensed material. You're more than free to announce the presence of such things, but please no links. Most people know the go-tos for that sort of thing anyway, and if not, please keep it to Private Messages.

[*] Sourcing Fanworks[/size]
We love fanfic and fanart, and we love sharing our findings. If you're posting material like that, please take a moment to use a site like that easily finds you the source material! Everybody who creates fanworks understands that credit is polite to give. If you see something that you know the source to, please let the poster know!

[*] Be Nice and Have Fun[/size]
Being nice and respectful toward everyone else is really the big rule here, and doing so covers almost everything above anyway. We're all here for fun and mutual love of this series, and relaxing and enjoying it with fellow fans is the best part of immersing in it. So get posting and have fun!