One Year!

Updates, announcements and rules for the site and forum, as well a suggestions box for any ideas.
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One Year!

Post by Tara »

It's your birthday, be happy~

OtS is officially one year old today! Despite the bumps that I toppled over not too long after opening the site, I'm still warm and fuzzy about this little place. And I hope that I'll be able to really recover and gear up from the life things to work on adding new things. I'm currently looking into news apps for the main page, though I'll still mirror them here anyway, and I want to get on board scanning more and finishing up some projects. There is one I am still slowly working on, so yay!

And in addition to that, I've changed the layout of the main site-- really only color wise to sort of match with this and the image gallery, and because the dark background/light text didn't sit well with me for a while. Hopefully it looks nice and isn't too overboard on the opposite end of the easy on the eyes spectrum.

Here's to a hopefully more productive and fun year!

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Happy B-day Over the sky! I still come here at least once every day.

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