I 've never been good at introductions...

Drop in and say hello!
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I 've never been good at introductions...

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... but I guess I should introduce myself before I start posting.
So... Hi, I am TK! I discovered Tara's (or I'd better say Dio's) page on Dreamwidth where I occasionally left some comments and provided some stuff (booklets, translations).

I am a Last exile fan since 2004. My favourite characters are Tatiana and princess Millia but I also like Dio and the crazy way he is. I enjoy translating Japanese stuff related to this series, although I am not a professional.
I am always looking for technical data on mecha, descriptions of the LE world and whatever constitutes the background to this story. Sometimes I also try to develop my own theories on this series because I just love this alternate universe with a steampunk twist.

I don't live in the US, but on the other side of the ocean, in what will become Anatoray in the distant future... actually I am not too far from the Anatoray Sea (eastern portion of the Grand Lake).

I think that's all for now...

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Post by Tara »

HI TK!!! ♥

But omg yes hnngh Tatiana and Millia are also two of my favorites. And ever since you and everyone else popped up to do things I have found doing TL things, as occasionally slow and sometimes frustrating they can be, are so much fun in the long run. XD

And I ... just thought about how cool it would be to cosplay Last Exile out where you are and do a photoshoot by the sea. "Guys I was actually AT THE ACTUAL GRAND LAKE SUCK ON THAT!"

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Hello TK!

You're Translating Scan-bringer Anon? ♥

...Um... I don't have anything of value to add to this, soooo welcome aboard! So glad you joined! :D

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