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Episode Previews

Post by Tara »

So since the original airing and Funi videos didn't have the subbed episode previews we had to wait for the actual DVD release for those. So naturally now that they are out I compiled them. ENJOY these are great.


Highlights include:
- Dio's genius.
- Teddy's whole secret second storyline oh my god Teddy.
- Sophia and Vincent vaguely breaking the fourth wall.
- Vasant being the ultimate Farahnaz fangirl creeper.
- Poor Orang's life dealing with Sorush.

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Csilla Aria
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Post by Csilla Aria »

Lol. :D That was adorable. Vasant and Liliana could totally have made a Farahnaz fan club together if Luscinia hadn't been war mongering.

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Post by lilyexile »

i really wonder how many girls poor orang had to calm down :mrgreen:
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