Vanship Chronometer on your wrist

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Vanship Chronometer on your wrist

Post by Mellin »

Hi everybody!

Recently someone on this forum helped me with a minor problem I had regarding 2 fan projects I was working on / am working on.
As for the problem in question, you can visit this topic: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=174

Now I want to share my creations and that topic is the part 2 of it.
Part 1 (Vanships that you can fly):

I am right now a Premium Designer in the "Facer". It's a service that lets you create and shear your own faces for Smartwatches that work based on Android Wear, Tizen, or Apple Watch.

Using my skills and this help I mentioned at the beginning, I recreated Vanship Racing Chronometer as a Smartwatch face:
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Post by Tara »

Oh man I WISH I HAD A SMARTWATCH because this looks so cool dlkfjgsdjgs.

Thank you so much for joining and sharing this stuff I LOVE THE DEDICATION AND TALENT OF THIS FANDOM SO MUCH.

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Post by Corny »

That's awesome! Unfortunately, I can't try it out myself :(

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