Vanship recreation: 3D model and print

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Vanship recreation: 3D model and print

Post by Dozyjones »

For joining this board I want to make a small project log of a project I started recently.
I've done a fair share of 3d modeling in my life, so I thought it'd be a good idea to do something Last Exile related.

Long story short- I've seen several low-poly game-ready vanship models floating around the internet, but not many real detailed render-ready models. I've seen tons of great renditions of the 1:72 scale model, but they're all so tiny. This got me the idea for this project:
I'm going to be making a detailed vanship, brought to life by using some high fidelity 3D printing.

Stage one is where I will be making a vanship based on Tatiana's model but in great detail.
Stage two is where I will be texturing/matcapping and rendering the thing for cg purposes
Stage three is where I will be 3d printing the model using a high-resolution printer I have available. I'm still deciding on the scale, but it's going to be adequately big at something between 1:14 and 1:18 (~61 to ~48 cm respectively) as I'm planning on adding some extras.
Stage four is a surprise :)

I'll keep this thread as an update log on how I'm faring. I'm actually already way into the first stage, but I'll leave some headroom in terms of updating so I have some space if I don't have a lot of time :)

Current progress: Stage One: 30% done

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Post by Tara »

Woahhh, this sounds amazing! I can't wait to see the progress for this!

And whatever stage four is!!

The sheer dedication and love/time you're putting into this is so cool!

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