The Communal Friending Post!

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The Communal Friending Post!

Postby Tara » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:00 am

Because I said I would do this! Basically, there are tons of different blogs and ways of communication and the like. And any new and current user can use this to possibly make some new friends. I'm gonna make a list of a lot of common ones/ones I myself am used to, but feel more than free to plug anything else! Copy and paste and add and take out what you have/don't have/do or don't feel like sharing! Everything is totally optional.

[b]Name and/or Alias(es):[/b]

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Postby Tara » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:13 am

And now I'm gonna get the ball rolling. \o/

Name and/or Alias(es): Tara
Age: 27 (god I'm close to that age where I'm just gonna start saying "OLD" on the internet soon)
Location: New York City

E-mail: stormwaltzing @
G-chat: stormwaltzing @ (I always have Gmail/Gchat open in a tab so I idle a lot, but if anyone adds me here I'll always get back to gchat pokes.)

Plurk: gaignun (Plurk in the Dreamwidth RP community is kind of the supplement for using actual DW blogs nowadays, so I'm literally ALWAYS ON PLURK and also plurk a lot about random things (including LE). I always suggest getting a plurk since you can network and find other friends outside of RP too)

AIM: stormwaltzing, but I am pretty much never on AIM.
Dreamwidth: gaignun, but like I said, due to Plurk existing I barely use it.
Livejournal: gaignun, but like the first post says, the Great RP Migration To Dreamwidth 2012 rendered my use of LJ obsolete.
Tumblr: gaignun

IRC: I'm on Lunarnet on the nick Dio, but it's basically for RP stuff. Unless like a bunch of people wanted some kind of IRC chan but that's doubtful. Yzak on CosCom, but for some reason my last batch of Dio Otakon pics isn't coming up in that folder. It's just all in the "Photos" section despite my uploading them right but ??????????? Either way I don't update it too much.
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Postby cgChick » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:33 am

Wooo! My turn!

Name and/or Alias(es): cgChick
Age: 29 (I'm practically ancient by internet standards)
Location: New York City (represent!)

E-mail: PM me because it has my real name in it :P
G-chat: PM me because it has my real name in it, although I would more than happy to chat!

Plurk: None
AIM: BTFU16 (but I only use gchat nowadays)
Dreamwidth: None
Livejournal: None
Tumblr: None
IRC: None None

LOL I'm so boring. What can I say, I mostly like to lurk haha.
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Postby Csilla Aria » Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:48 pm

Name and/or Alias(es): Csilla Aria, or some variation of Tasogare no Hime
Age: 30
Location: Southern Illinois

I'm replacing somethings that don't apply with things that do. those things are in red.
E-mail: tasogare26 @ yahoo. com, or tasogaren @ gmail. com (remove spaces)
Deviant Art:
Tumblr: *UPDATE* new Tumblr account here: in case i don't get access to the old one back.
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Postby Dozyjones » Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:06 am

Name and/or Alias(es): Dozyjones, doz
Age: 18
Location: The Netherlands

E-mail: my nick and then add
G-chat: this is 2018
Plurk: who even uses
AIM: all these
Livejournal: archaic
Dreamwidth: media
Tumblr: (I used to have tumblr)
Twitter: anymore?
IRC: I know that I don't.
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