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Update: August 27th, 2014
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Hasegawa, a popular model/hobby kit company has just announced a 1/72 scale model, titled "Last Exile vanship unit equipped with torpedo" set to be released on October 30th for 3600yen. Dimensions for this model will be 195mm width and 87mm width/wingspan. Included will be miniature figures of Claus and Dio that sit in the vanship.

From the TV anime Last Exile, episode 20, "Grand Stream." This kit is the military vanship piloted by Claus. The machine is an aircraft equipped with a steam propelled torpedo that can be fired by a outrigger on the bow. The front seat is occupied by Claus, with Dio in the rear, from when the two sortied out into the Grand Stream. Makoto Kobayashi will be responsible for the package illustration of the kit.

The resin parts will be the steam powered torpedo and the Claus & Dio figured. And it will have three decals: Claus' vanship, Tatiana's vanship, or a general vanship.


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- hasegawa-model.co.jp
Update: August 3rd, 2014
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An official blog entry with photos included has appeared further explaining the Gonzo/Last Exile exhibit at the Anime Festa in Tokorozawa. Featured photos are of the 1/1 vanship with life-sized standees of Fam and Giselle, as well as various official artworks from the series itself.

The standees and 1/1 vespa are there for a photo opportunity, and other Fam merchandise, such as the DVDs, tumblers, stickers and plastic models are also both on display and for sale at the event, running until Saturday, September 28th.

- lastexile-fam.at.webry.info
Update: August 1st, 2014
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A wine has been released to commemorate the 1/1 vespa exhibition that is appearing at the Anime Festa in Tokorozawa, available from July 26th 2014 to September 30th 2014. Price is 5,000yen.

The exhibit featuring the 1/1 scale vespa, open until September 28th, will also include storyboards and scripts from the series. As to if these are the same ones that were featured at the Nakao exhibit (which included things such as early design Dio having very long hair, and the storyboard for the end of the series explaining that Dio's yellow card was due to the make of his vanship instead of his single piloting it like many people assumed) is currently unknown.

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- lastexile-fam.com
- tomu.stores.jp
Update: July 25th, 2014
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Finally, an update with a lot of things, what a shocker! All updates from here on out will hopefully be easier with use of CuteNews. So let's get this update going.

Info additions:
- Last Exile Glossary
- Last Exile Fam Glossary

Media additions:
- Second (Unnamed) Dio & Lucciola Drama (Drama)
- (Unnamed Claus & Alex Drama (Drama)
- Moved summary for Firefly's Prayer - Overload (Drama)

Image Gallery additions:
- Last Exile Fam Aerial Log (Artbooks)
- Fairy Chess (Scanlated) (Doujinshi)
- Last Exile Anime Setting Materials (Artbooks)

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