Good afternoon, my name is Chanterelle

Drop in and say hello!
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Good afternoon, my name is Chanterelle

Post by Chanterelle »

Hey there! I'm Chanterelle but you can also call me Lou Who or Lou (or another nickname if you want).

I really should've made an account a long time ago...sorry, I'm late!!

I watched Last Exile back in 2011, right as Fam was airing, and fell completely in love. It is my absolute favorite anime with my all time favorite characters. It's literally always on my mind and I am always willing to talk! I actually feel really bad for all my friends who have never heard of Last Exile and are forced to listen to my ramblings (my shining moment is when I made my friend cry about Dio and Lucciola, AFTER she told me that she DOESN'T CRY). Anyways, I'm really grateful for this site and all the bonus content that I never knew existed. It's gotten me even more excited about Last Exile and Fam and I hope we can all get along and have fun together.

I am especially passionate about Alex (my first anime crush), Dio, Lucciola, Sophia, Alvis, Luscinia, and Alauda; but I love all the characters from both seasons! I draw a lot and have several fanfics in mind (and a oneshot in the works). For the most part, I make content for Dio and Lucciola but I want to do something for each of the characters.

I'm pretty active on tumblr (lou-who) and recently made a twitter (@Leste_Lou). Feel free to chat cause Last Exile is my life!

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Post by Tara »


God I love your fanart so much. Murdering me with the Lucciola Dio content.

But welcome welcome!! LE is pretty much on my mind all the time too. ♥

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Post by -TK- »

Hi and welcome! It's nice to see new members joining this place.

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Post by Corny »

Hello and welcome! Nice to see new members joining :) I'll go and check out your fanart at once!

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