Drop in and say hello!
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Hi, I don't know if anyone really uses this forum anymore, but I've run into it before.
Anyway, uh, I love Last Exile. I'm also on tumblr as mechanicalpaladinbunny.
Hello :)

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Csilla Aria
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Hello! Yay new member! Yeah, things are really quiet here, but I still check the forums at least once a day.

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Hello! ♥

I really need to start some discussion and opportunities for meta and rambling and stuff in the forums and/or also try to get other people to do that and get more life in here too! Especially since I'm always down with chatting about stuff when I'm not trying to translate things.

But welcome to the forum! If you ever want to talk about anything, feel free to go ahead and start things and I'll keep harassing the internet in hope we get more people to drop by.

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