glossary; fam, the silver wing          

Episode 1

7 Blue, 5 Black
Because there is no radio communication used in this world, luminescent bullets and smoke grenades are often shot into the air as means to send messages instead. The content of the message is determined by the number and color of bullets used, though they can occasionally become difficult to decipher in cases of a large number and variation of them being used.

Ades Federation
A nation located in the region west of the Grand Lake, which has grown even larger due to the annexation of its neighboring countries.

A favored phrase of Fritz's. To the sky pirates who live freely in the sky, the term refers to either those who live on the ground or to battleships. It can also refer to someone seen as an oaf, somebody boring or a generally not liked person.

Capital of the Turan Kingdom.

First Harpoon
In a sky pirate hunt, it refers to the person who drives the first harpoon into the target. The success or failure of a hunt greatly depends on where the first harpoon lands. Because of this, it's common for those who have more superior abilities to shoot the harpoons, and the person who lands the first one leads that specific hunt.

Immelmann Turn
One of many vanship maneuvers. One enters an upward rise from level flight, bringing the nose up into a half-roll where the vanship returns verticle by inversing once the roll is complete, somewhat like a u-turn for lower altitudes. Dio was impressed by Claus' skill in performing this maneuver.

The generic name for the small flying machines piloted by the sky pirates and equipped with Claudia systems. Usually called "vanships," the sky pirates call them "vespas" due to their relatively small size compared to the former.

Short for starboard, and refers to the starboard side of the ship, which is the side where the steering board is. The port side of the ship is refered to as "PS."

Good Tailwinds
The sky pirates exchange this saying as a wish of good luck. The original sense of the phrase was simply meant as a wish to let the tailwinds lead one to their destination swiftly and safely, but it eventually came to be used in a sense that means a wish for one to succeed.

Sky Pirates
These forces are made up of those who came together after losing their own homes and countries to the Ades Federation, so they share the same opinion of not believing in or approving of the domineering control of their existing government. They live in high altitude areas guarded by an outer wall that not even more advanced aerial battleships can reach. Because of their locations, the lands are not suitable for large-scale agriculture, so the sky pirates earn a living by capturing Ades Federation battleships and scrapping the parts to resell. Among them, there are also those who use vanships and engage in goods-distribution as well as the spreading and gathering of information. Their common mottos are "good tailwinds" and "may the wind be beneath your wings." Free skies and peace is what they love and yearn for the most.

A nickname commonly used by the sky pirates to refer to the targets of their hunts, which in a majority of the cases, are Ades Federation battleships.

Claudia Engine
A system used for liquifying a blue ore known as Claudia that is used to fly, by vaporizing it through an internal combustion engine. It's one of the basic techniques used for flying.

Grand Lake
A huge, freshwater lake present in the center of the continent, used as a source of water necessary for people to live by.

The Place Where All are Born and Where All Will Return. A Blue Star
Said by Dio. It is an enigmatic verse of something called Mysterion.

It's Your Birthday, Be Happy
Commonly known as part of the "birthday song." Dio was sung this song on the Silvana for his own birthday. It's now a common song in Anatoray.

May The Wind Be Beneath Your Wings
Wishes of good luck exchanged by the sky pirates. Wings need the wind in order to fly in the air, and while originally the sense of the phrase simply meant something closer to "to be able to fly," it came to be used in a sense that means a wish for one to succeed.

Winged Maiden
Alias of the Lasas, flagship of the Turan Kingdom.

Tail Slap
Originally this referred to the act of aquatic mammals that would lay their tail fins on the surface of the water and splash with it. For vessels, this action is the vigorous handling of the ship to raise its stern above the clouds. It's an intimidating act.

A kingdom located southwest of the Grand Lake. They are a well-developed country with temperate climate, water resources, fertile soil and many agricultural industries. Their agricultural output is the best in the continent, so they're called the breadbasket of the world.

Like the tail slap, aquatic mammals lift the majority of their bodies out of the surface of the water in a leaping motion, twisting their bodies into the air. For vessels, this action is the vigorous handling of the ship to raise its bow above the clouds. It is the opposite of a tail slap, where the stern rises dramatically.

Potepan (potato pancakes)
With an insufficient source of wheat, bread is more commonly used for foods. But the dough for it is kneaded from crushed boiled potatoes. This makes the skin of dishes crispy, but because the inside is moist, the overall texture is acceptable.

Voleur Islands
A group of islands located in the Grand Lake. There are many of these towering islands high above the waters of the Grand Lake, and these are where the sky pirates bases are located.

The Turan Kingdom's flagship. In Turan, the "winged maiden" is the country's symbol and guardian deity. Her attendants were swans called Lasas, who were otherwise thought to be spirits of deceased women. Therefore, the kingdom's flagship has symbolized this from generation to generation, and has always been named after the guardian angel deity, "Lasas."

Episode 2

Altair Cape
A cape protruding from the Grand Lake, located near the Turan Kingdom. Because of its characteristic shape, it's a common landmark used for navigation.

In the words of Luscinia, people escaped the planet back in the distant age of calamity, traveling beyond the ends of the skies aboard these emigrant ships. They possess a defense system that attacks those that it deems a threat by means of tentacles when activated. Luscinia spoke the Mysterion (a set of keywords/phrases that activate the Exile through a person known as the "key") and activated an Exile, bringing it down over the Turan Kingdom. It should be noted that the Turan Kingdom was founded by people who returned from beyond the skies in an Exile, so Liliana appears to be the person who is the Turan Kingdom's Exile "key."

Rotating Thruster
A propulsion engine that has been adopted by the Ades Federation's battleships. The sides of a ship possess a rotating belt where a number of "fins" are mounted, and while these "fins" are weak, they gain propulsion through the force of air passing through them along with the use of Claudia. This is also referred to as the crawler system.

One of the sky pirate bases, and home to Fam and Giselle.

Ventilation Line
In contrast to the cooling tubes, these guide fresh air through a tube used for breathing, while discarding and irrigrating the stale air. A number of rows and columns of these cooling tube-like lines were taken back to the sky pirate base from a warship.

Multiple Sky Pirate Machines
Said by the watchguard personnel on the Impetus. Dio acted as a decoy and fired lighted bullets around the ship, so his vanship was mistaken as multiple sky pirate ones.

Claudia Ore
In the form of a blue ore, it becomes liquid by perfoming a certain process, and in that form can generate a buoyancy by pressurizing heat. It's used as fuel to make battleships and vanships fly. It was originally one of the power sources of the Exiles, so the Exiles discharge it from time to time.

Lower Deck Claudia Tank
Read as "gekanpan" or "gekohan." The deck is the floor of the ship and usually consists of one single surface that leads from the neck of the ship to the stern, and the lower deck is located at this bottommost section of the ship. The Claudia tank which contains the Claudia solution used for power is located at the bottom of the ship in the lower deck.

Siege Ship
A ship designed primarily for attacking targets on the ground. Unlike most ships of the line that focus their attacks to the air, many of the guns on these siege ships have been adapted to be fired in a downward direction, so it's not well suited for ship-to-ship combat.

Saman Lookout
Sky pirates have various bases for weather observation and peripheral lookout set up in different places. Though these bases are also used to aid others in navigation, help with resupplying, and to pass on information, they are simply referred to as "lookouts." Saman is one of them.

Jet Stream
Various heat energies on the planet's latitude differ in temperature due to the rotating circulation of airflow currents. The wind speed of these are larger than that of the surrounding air space, especially toward the center of the air flow. With maximum wind speeds that can reach up to 100m/s, traveling to a destination becomes easier when one takes advantage of these. However, flying in the opposite direction of the air flow will take a large consumption of fuel.

Main Gun Ammunition Elevator
Main guns are often equipped on the outside of a battleship, though for the sake of safety, the shells are housed in a place where the armor of the ship is thick, such as the lower area. Therefore, because the ammunition must be transfered to the main gun, there are cylindrical elevator shafts on battleships for this purpose.

Nickname for Sorush, the commander of Ades' Fourth Fleet. The flagship and other ships of the fourth fleet, which are made up of faster battleships that focus more on speed rather than armor, were derived from the preference to battle with a primary emphasis on speed. In a way, it reminds some of the 'act before you think or listen' behavior, but that's not the reason for this nickname.

Ship of the Line
Name for the conventional type of aerial battleships used by most countries. Rather than acting alone, these ships tend to fight together in groups of multiple partner ships.

Zweibel Base
One of the sky pirates' bases that is different from Kartoffel. Being one of the sky pirates' front-line bases, it's located relatively close to Turan. Due to this, it's often used as a resupplying location and to observe the reisdents.

Air Duct
A tube used for bringing outside air into a ship.

Parametron Computer Room
A computer of this world that has adapted the magnetic quantum parametron using the Josephson effect for their logical circuits. Additionally, in order to accurately fire the artillery of battleships in the air, advanced firing control is required, especially for a federal flagship such as the Impetus. An extensive computer network is required to give specific targeting measurements to aim at another ship.

Eastern Villa
A palace located in the southeastern area of Turan where its citizens escaped to. Ades' federal capital is located northeast of Turan, so this location is farthest away from it.

Farahnaz's Feelings
Along with the Grand Race, this seems to be something connected to the past, but details on it are unknown at this stage.

One of Millia's maids. Millia inspired the daily lives of various commoners. However, the contents of the many stories about her are as large as a novel, so there are many questions about their credibility.

Silent Navigation
In this world, search operations are carried out primarily by seeing and hearing the target, and because listening is the tougher way of detection, battleships sometimes aim to prevent the sound output of their movements as much as possible. But because there are those out there with excellent hearing capabilites who can pinpoint the position of a ship simply by the wind noise, navigating in dead silence is still difficult.

Cooling Tube
An air duct that cold air passes through, these tubes are used in places that are vulnerable to high temperatures, such as an ammunition storage or computer room. They are lined both vertically and horizontally along the outside of battleships.

Episode 3

Ora Kae Tode Tai
In the words of the sky pirates, handed down from ancient times, it is believed to mean "living in the sky is our duty," but specific details are unknown.

Gonia Region
In this region located in the northeastern area of the Ades Federation, the land is poor, particularly barren, and cold. Because of Turan's return to their land 118 years ago, the people who had settled there were forced to leave that area to this region.

Corbeau Peninsula
A peninsula located in the northern region. A large number of small countries have mushroomed here but they did not come together as one major force, as it is located in a buffer zone between the major powers.

Reaper Silvius
An unidentified battleship that has been apppearing in various places and just as quickly disappearing from them. It has somewhat become a 'legend' of sorts and aside from "reaper," is also occasionally called "ghost ship" or "demon."

Former Augusta
The previous Augusta of the Ades Federation, Farahnaz is Sara's mother.

Notos Fleet
The defense fleet of the desertous country of Notos.

Simultaneous Sixteen Point Turn
A platoon of partnered battleships that all turn around 180 degrees in quick unison. In doing that, the ship stationed at the back now becomes the leading ship, since they're facing the opposite direction.

Port Side
Opposite of starboard, it is the portside of a battleship. When berthing, the ship's left side faces the harbor, or port, hence being named the port side.

Milan Lookout
One of the sky pirates' lookout bases in the northwest area of the Grand Lake, located relatively close to the Gonia region.

Now a region of the Ades Federation, the state used to be a neighboring country of Turan in the past. Though they fell in an attack by the Ades Federation, a number of Ades' ships were destroyed in that battle, some of which fell into the hands of the sky pirates.

Miniature flying machines that are used by the sky pirates. Because of the great height of where the sky pirates live, these are used as normal means to get around.

Ghost Ship
While this term is used to describe the Silvius, regular legends also use various exaggerations of describing these ships as a means to scare children.

Episode 4

Camouflage Battleship
Different varieties of ships disguised as battleships. The sky pirates own merchant ships which they have converted by adding armaments to them, and since other countries don't need to hide their forces on a national level, techniques such as this were not considered by them.

Amphibious Assasult Ship
Vessels used for housing a large number of vanships, so they, along with troops and supplies can be transported to a destination quickly. It has some extent of speed and armor, and cannon force roughly equal to a much smaller battleship.

Standard ship of the line of the Ades Federation fleet, and an Ereshkigal-class ship. Only in this case, it's a dummy version that the sky pirates are using.

Normally refers to a pair of scissors. But in this case it refers to a flight maneuver where two aircrafts fly parallel to one another, side by side, then with an abrupt movement, cross each other, which looks like the opening and closing of a pair of scissors, hence the naming.

Watertight Door
A door to prevent water from entering the interior of a vessel, though they're not usually present in aerial battleships, the Silvius being a particular exception to this.

Another favorite phrase of Fritz's, much like birdbrain in that it's used against those not liked, but refers to something particularly large in this case.

Something heavy used to help balance a vessel, many things can be substitutable as long as it reaches a certain weight. In general, liquids such as water, or things like sand or soil is used for this. The Silvius uses ballast tanks that can be filled with water.

One of the small countries on the south coast of the Grand Lake. It's located considerably southeast of Turan, and it is said that there is no other nation further east than this one.

Episode 5

One of the older types of ships of the Ades Federation, the same type of ship as the Verethragna.

One of the older types of ships of the Ades Federation. Since new types have been deployed to the military, the old battleships have been sold or donated to aristocracy who have forces. This is the same type of ship as the Aeshma.

Short Time No See
Dio's greeting. Instead of saying something like 'it's been a while', a more exact number of days is used, in spite of such a greeting being informal, its strangeness represents Dio's character well.

Territory of the Ades Federation where aristocracy lives, though it also doubles as a transportation hub. Recently there has been turmoil occurring with a family estate between the eldest son who is an illegitimate child, and the second son who is the child of the lawful wife, so the territory has been in a state of confusion.

Shahiya Base
A temporary supply base of the Ades Federation that is mainly used by the aristocracy forces.

Gyro Position
One of the constellations, which is used as a navigational landmark for the voyage. The Ades Federation, Turan and the sky pirates refer to this as a gyro position, while the Silvius calls it a steering position.

Name for the primary type of vanship used in the Ades Federation.

Fifth Squad
On the Silvius, the crew is divided into five large squadrons. Among them, the development department and the flight department are part of the fifth squad, and along with the maintenance department and the kitchen supervisor, they have become hand to hand combat personnel. Additionally, the rest of the kitchen's crew which are part of the fourth squad have been trained in hand to hand combat in the same manner the fifth squad was.

Old-style battleships were equipped with spires for ground attacks. These spires had simple mobility power added to them, allowing the ships to become land crafts.

Narvik Headquarters
An Ades Federation headquarters located in the northern military district, that oversees the aristocracy forces in the north neighborhood.

Prince of Victorious
Captain situated on board the battleship Kirs, though the title when loosely paraphrased is something like "young nobleman of triumph," and lacks the funny usage of "of" referring to an adjective. Perhaps there is a place known as "Victorious" so the meaning would then be "young nobleman of the Victorious." There are other ships owned by aristocrats known as "Prince of Victory" and "Prince Victorious," which are misleading so are unpopular names to the Ades Federation soldiers, because documents for the ships are often mixed up.

2.4km Northwest
The Silvius as well as the sky pirates use miles as a unit of measuring distance in the sky. However, the sextant Olaf lent to Giselle was in the less commonly used meters. By using equipment she was not familiar with and would have to investigate to figure out how to properly measure the degrees, it was a way to test Giselle's ability.

Wave of Mysterion
Mysterion, which is "esoteric" in a sense, is a keyword needed to activate an Exile. Among the upper part of the Guild, it has been handed down to only a small portion of humans who were in leadership positions. If you recite these words to the living key of an Exile, an Exile activation signal is generated. So when referring to this activation signal, it's referred to as a wave of Mysterion.

Millia's Full Name
The full name of Millia il Velch Cutrettola Turan, means that Millia is the second princess whose coat of arms within the royal family is the Cutrettola.

Liliana's Full Name
The full name of Liliana il Grazio Merlo Turan, means that Liliana is the first princess whose coat of arms within the royal family is the Merlo.

Episode 6

Meaning "majestic," it's a title that indicates the highest authority of the Ades Federation. In the Ades Federation, women have held this seat of supreme power, though in the unusual case of a male leader, he would be referred to as "Augustus."

A country that appears to be the home of Dio, as well as the Silvius.

El Dorado
The name of this place means "golden land." Originally, it was a poorly cultivated land with little water, but this aristocratic territory was renamed to this after establishing a free trade market as well as a number of social attractions, such as their race track.

Northbound Passage
A route going through the north side of the Grand Lake. It is conviniently a region where the rule of the Ades Federation has not extended yet, if one wished to escape their sight.

Amethyst of Chaos
Chaos is a region located south of the Ades Federation, where their people are occasionaly born with amethyst-colored eyes. Those who have these eyes are looked highly upon as loyalty, though "Amethyst of Chaos" is also a nickname for formidable soldiers who are known for their bravery. Currently, it's also the nickname for Vasant, who came from Chaos and climbed up the ranks to become one of the five generals of the Ades federation.

Upstart Bodyguard
Luscinia was referred to as this, because he was originally the bodyguard of the Augusta.

Ta Opisthen
This northern country, located further north than Boreas and Rhaetus, is far away from the Ades Federation. Because it's in a relatively cold region, they focus on the cultivation of rye and have become the largest producer of it among the countries neighboring the Grand Lake. Additionally, alcoholic beverages using rye is one of their specialty products, so they've become an important product export.

A ship owned by Baroness Roshanak. It's an older ship model of the Ades Federation, of the Satarupa class that was refined in correspondance to production block 20. Additionally, the battleships Anahit, Anahita, Aredvi, which are all the same type of ship, were all also sold to nobles.

Organized by Millia as (part of) the battleship Silvius, it's a territory for a political organization. In essence, it is a super mini country made up of one Emirate (Millia) and one citizen (Teddy).

Duke Bollnas
Said to be the provider of the letter of recommendation used by Fam to enter El Dorado. Of course, the letter itself is something that can be forged on board the Silvius.

Extermination Force
As Luscinia's confidant, Alauda leads these special forces. There are many questions about this unit's strategies, and rumors spread that they annihilated allied forces and enemy survivors alike. With its true character unknown beyond using the terror of assassination, their actions could be called massacre-like.

One of the northern countries, known to be a granary. They also have a high economic power, possessing a relatively powerful army and many ship of the line battleships.

Wired Spear
A harpoon with a wire mounted on Fam's vespa. While they're mounted on both the left and right sides, only one side was purged.

Episode 7

Ades' Most Powerful Spear
Kayvan's nickname. As the name suggests, he boasts an overwhelmingly destructive breakthrough power, striking the enemy head-on.

Similar to Kumari, it's one of the small countries in the north. In this world, republic presidential systems are rare. At one time, their focus was on heavy industry, but due to losing the competition to other countries, their national power was greatly reduced. only means of military were local guards.

The flagship of Ades' First Fleet, commanded by Admiral Sadri. While the ship itself is relatively old, its proficiency is very good, and the morale and skill of its crew are high.

Floating Dock
Carriers used by Kartoffel's sky pirates. They are seized vessels with flat decks and Claudia units, and with various types of machine tools to alter them, they were fitted with a bridge and derrick. They have high mobility despite their appearance.

A sudden and powerful whirlwind updraft, caused when a cold downdraft blowing horizontally from the clouds collides with the warm air below it. In this case, the cold downdraft was instead sparkled by huge blocks of ice, as well as the hot air from the heat of the explosion from the guns being fired, which caused a powerful updraft.

Lower Anti-Aircraft Guns
Mounted on the underside of the battleship are interlocking anti-aircraft guns.

A sky pirate base around Pilz, so the two act together often.

Trans-Grand Lake Treaty
A treaty that was signed by all of the countries surrounding the Grand Lake. Trade and travel, as well as the use of resources and water over a wide range area was achieved and shared by the countries. Among them, flares and light signals were also intended to be consolidated. The treaty was signed for the first time 100 years ago, and thereafter was updated periodically.

A sky pirates have a lookout base located in the Curubis mountains. Their interactions with Spargel are deeper than that of Kartoffel, so they tends to take joint action with the latter less.

One of the small northern countries. Traditionally with women having become the heads of state, their national power is weak, so they have been in cooperation with neighboring countries for national defense. Because is it sandwiched between various countries, trade is it's main industry.

An insular country located north of the Grand Lake. Due to their complete seclusion, they do not interfere with other countries, nor do they tolerate any sort of interference to their own country. It is said that any intuder will be met immediately by a scramble of assault forces, and either shot down or seized.

Grand Bird
A white waterfoul that is common in the Grand Lake region. They are quite large, with a full wingspan close to human-height. The feather crests at the top of their heads are peculiarly elongated, to distinguish them from other similar-looking large water birds, such as cranes or storks.

Chaos Immigrants
Chaos was formerly located south of the Ades Federation, but was integrated into it, so a majority of the people in that territory lost their homes. As a result, many of them are part of the Ades Federation military, as it secures a place for them to live.

Alias of the flagship of Ades' Third Fleet, commanded by Orang. Its' official name within the Ades Federation is "Admirari." However, from the overwhelming veterans, be them friend or foe, it's alias gives the sense of a powerful presence that will crush an enemy without mercy, or "Jagannath," so it's called that with great admiration from allies, and with great awe from enemies.

Repair Deck
Flat decks that have been attached to the rear of the floating docks. It's used for the repair and/or dismantling of any ships that have been seized, as well as the arrival, departure and storage of vanships.

A sky pirate base that's located a relatively long distance from Kartoffel. However, due to its large force, distance isn't a big problem for them to take joint action with Kartoffel. In this episode, the groups of sky pirates that participated in the capture mission were large, in accordance to the number of "whales" present.

Shock Wave
A wave that moves at super speed through the air, caused by an explosion or an object moving faster than sound.

White Legacy
A generic name for facilities that are scattered throughout the world that hold ancient technology. They seems to be Guild-related, but specific details are unknown.

One of the groups of small nations, whose ruler is a monarch that holds the status of Archduke, and who focuses on the same sort of trade as Kumari. It has a slightly bigger emphasis on military compared to that group of small northern countries, so they may be hired as mercenaries in defense of said neighboring countries.

Rapid Fire Control System
Used to attack high-speed objects in the air by first calculating the position of the target, the direction of its movement and speed while giving consideration to the weather and wind conditions and pressures. The point of the system is to aim for a target's future position and perform the firing control of the gun. This is a new weapon for the Ades Federation used to counter vanships.

Long-Range Ship of the Line
A ship of the line flaship of the Third Fleet. Its appearance is almost identical to the normal type of Ades Federation ships, except for the structure of the ship modular, so it's possible to change its parts depending on the tactical situation. Additionally, its cruising speed lasts for very long, thus improving its livability, though its artillery is slightly inferior to the normal type ships.

Zweibel is a sky pirate base. They make exchanges with Kartoffel rather often, and in many cases they take on a number of operations together.

Kartoffel often interacts with these sky pirates, and because they have a large number of people, they take part in many operations that require joint action.

Fields' Territory
Originally a reasonably small, wealthy nation, a grand lord ruled this northern territory. But due to his desire to merge with the Ades Federation, he obtained the position of Earl.

Field Task Force
Alias of the Ades Federation's Third Fleet. Their primary missions are long-term expeditions, so the "field" is their specialty.

Interlocking High-Angle-Gun
Works in conjunction with the rapid-fire control system, firing with instruction and possessing a faster rate of gun fire due to having a smaller caliber. Because its targets are high-speed, its loading and firing speed are faster, as is the velocity and the rotation of the shells directed to the target.

Episode 8

Adamas Squadron
Name of the forces led by Dyan. There are other renowned forces, the Smaragdus Squadron, the Carbuncles Squadron, the Sapphires Squadron, and when in conjunction with the Adamas Squadron, they are referred to as the Four Winged Maidens.

You Finally ... Pulled it Off...
Said by Giselle. The Claudia unit is generally protected by the repulsive force of the Claudia surrounding it, so one needs precise trajectory to hit it. However, aiming for this very narrow area properly is very rare. In episode 4, Fam aimed for the circulation valve of the Silvius, but because it was shot for from the outside, the Claudia's repulsion force worked as a force field, so the bullet was repelled, so when the Anshar was downed in episode 8, because Fam entered into the balanced range of the Claudia repulsion, Millia shot a bullet without receiveing the repulsive force, so was able to hit the circulation valve.

Bow Multiple Jet-Propelled Armor Piercing Bullets
A rocket installed on the bow of the Silvius. Similar to a torpedo, these weapons are made by applying the technique of a vanship booster. While it has a slightly low accuracy, by firing it all at once, the rocket which has a very large diameter can give a very heavy blow to a target.

Bow Gun Barrels
A large type of gun that has been installed on the left and right sides of the Silvius' bow, though they are concealed. Its official name is "tapering caliber bow twin sequential pursuit guns," though it's only called the bow gun barrels simply because they're long.

Complete Silent Navigation
Vessels emit sound simply by moving, various machines make operating noises, activities and speech of people make sounds, and great gusts of wind in the air emit sound. Hiding from those listening for any of these is very difficult, however the Ades Federation's listening technology isn't as developed, so there is less emphasis on them using it. To move an entire fleet instead of just one battleship in complete silent navigation is difficult, but Sadri's fleet has been highly trained in this area. Sadri's fleet is made up of relatively large, older ships, so because occupants to not only handle the parts of the ship, but to have such a good grasp on their characteristics, this makes such a move all the more daring.

Rocket boosters are used by soldiers for anti-air ship instrumentation, and it stands for "fish-type jet-propelled mine." Compared to a normal shell, these are equipped with a large explosive charge that can do a lot of damage to a target if hit.

A new type of ship that has been deployed on a trial basis along with Sadri's fleet. Compared to a normal ship of the line, these are faster and smaller, equipped with small-shelled artillery with excellent firing speed, as well as the new torpedo armament. It has high speed maneuverability, and although its design is to protect it from vanships, it's also used for anti-ship battle.

Heavy Core Winged Bullet
To improve accuracy of the rocket's poor hit performance, the bullet itself was fitted with a "wing" for stability purposes. To increase the power, special ammuniation was made with a heavy metal and shaped like an elongated arrow. Compared to normal armor-piercing scattershot bullets, the armor penetration of these is more than doubled.

Combat Speed
Stands for combat speed; in Anatoray, the first leg is 80 knots, second leg 100 knots, third leg 120 knots, each leg going by 20 knot increments.

Squadrons and corps are ranked beneath the fleet, though more than one squadron together becomes a fleet. One corps consists of four vessels, and four corps form a single squadron. The first fleet is compromised of six squadrons and two support squadrons. So there are six squadrons, one support squadron, and a supply replentishment squadron that is the second support squadron. They have used this set-up after rearranging them for various operations.

When the Silvius rises and descends, the angle is determined with a limit up to 30 degrees. Down-trim 30 is normally the descent indication of their maximum angle. However, a higher angle may be used in an emergency.

Cease-Fire Signal
A signal flare conveying the intention to stop the subsequent battle to the opposing side. When the Silvius entered into Glacies' territory, they fired one of these signals to indicate a cease-fire in advance. Glacies did not hastily attack, and instead advised they surrender. On the other hand, the Federation battleships spitefully entered their territory in order to attack the Silvius. As a result, they were carrying out an attack in Glacies, leading to Glacies counterattacking.

Depth Charge
Dropped from the air, these are bombs set to explode once a certain amount of time passes from the drop. The goal was to drop them below the battleship, and tends to be used when the other party cannot be seen due to cloud visibility in many cases.

While in battle, it is sometimes difficult to hear on the bridge, where indication of things may be mistaken in a life or death situation, so some unique reading/speaking is required. "Right side" and "left side" are used, so the order can be heard better and carried out properly.
(the words are "migi gen" and "hidari gen" in Japanese, and determined by the number of characters)

Close Proximity Aiming
On a battleship, the sighting from the bridge and the sighting attached to the individual guns use two systems. Usually, In order to perform a controlled shooting from the bridge with a goal in mind, a firing instruction is needed. However, when in close combat, friend and foes can be confused, and controlled shooting becomes difficult, so each gun has to be aimed individually in order to fire.

Torpedo Attack
Carrying out a torpedo attack. New battleship tactics are used in this world, so two armies performing a torpedo attack simultaneously is strange.

Torpedo Equipment
On the Silvius, several vanships are mounted with anti-ship weapons. Vanship boosters have "fish-shaped jet-propelled mines" known as "torpedos" which were adapted into attack weapons.

Three-Dimensional Rear Wing Ladder
One of the formations used by Sadri's fleet. Under the heading of the flagship, the formations of the other ships flank it from the left and right in inverted V-shapes, as well as at different heights. It is an excellent aggressive rush force, and because several forces can corner from all four sides, this formation is also suitable for sieges. However, attacks back to this formation target the ship in the center, so such a formation needs to be headed by a commanding officer who possesses a great deal of courage and ability.

Episode 9

The Time to Play
Since the Silvius was never captured by an enemy, the presence of Anatoray was also kept a mystery, so Dio was able to act freely. However, since the war's situation has started to involve Anatoray, it's become increasingly impossible to go and do activities that he likes, so his commitment to Anatoray's defense is taken seriously.

Captain of the Vanship Squadron
Dio's position. On the Silvius, Dio was to have originally taken command of the vanship squadron. But hating to feel bound by the command of an army, Dio wandered across the region, calling it a solo reconnaissance mission.

Circulation Valve
The Claudia circulation valve. Claudia liquid that has been vaporized flows through the Claudia unit, returns to the condenser through the circulation valve, and returns to a liquid state upon additional cooling. Claudia which has become liquid is heated with the boiler and evaporates again to pass through the unit. If the circulation valve is broken, Claudia escapes from the unit, and the buoyant driving force of the ship is lost immediately.

For the sky pirates who live in high altitudes, coming by fresh milk is difficult, so milk from animals that live in high altitudes such as sheep, goats and yaks is mainly used. It's not only used as raw milk, but is used in processed foods such as cheese, butter and yogurt.

Because goats both prefer the higher lands and can survive unabashedly in poor territories, finding and breeding them in steep mountainous terrain is possible. The goat's milk is close to that of cattle's, and because there are a larger amount of them than sheep, they have become a majory livestock along with the sheep among the sky pirates.

Episode 10

Anatoray's Exile
From the artificial world of Prester, the Exile has done the job to return to the home planet, though it's currently on a round trip.

Coffee That is Pride of the Urbanus
Also known as "warship coffee." Vincent is a lover of coffee, roasting the beans himself, blending and grinding, brewing it to the extent of his flavor preference.

In order to regenerate the polluted environment, and in order for the human species to survive, as well as the science and technology of the world, this organization controls the civilization level and population.

Altitude Limit
Battleships owned by the Ades Federation, Turan, and other neighboring countries surrounding the Grand Lake can only reach a maximum flying height of up to about 3,000 meters. That is the high-level limit. On the other hand, the altitude limit of a vanship can reach higher than 5,000 meters, so the sky pirates bases and entrances to those bases are located too high for battleships to reach.

The Hole
As the name suggests, it is a huge, deep hole located in the Grand Lake. It is not known how deep it is. It is theorized that the water of the Grand Lake welled up from there, and previous observations say that the possibility of that is high. Therefore, those who reside around the Grand Lake consider it holy land, so any sort of defilement there is not allowed in any way.

Urabus-class ships were originally built under the assumption that they would embark on enemy rush missions, so were armed with a ram on the neck of the ships used for ramming attacks. They ram their bodies into the enemy at high speed, breaking through the armor, and from there they can send enemy troops inside, or simply destroy the ship by hitting a critical part with the ram.

Descendant of White
A term used by the Ades Federation to refer to those in the Guild.

Bodyguards sent from the Guild. Two who act together who have been trained together from childhood, so they compensate for each other's weaknesses. Those who were sent were survivors of many twin candidates, and have overwhelming combat and martial art power, with superior intellect and the ability to take any action, and must possess deep, absolute loyalty.

Acts of Terrorism
Terrorism are acts which inflict fear into another party through means of violent acts, referring to the act of seeking to create their own political standard. The Silvius, despite not trying to directly destroy the Ades Federation, was accused of being a "powerful, mysterious battleship, that many Ades battleships cannot contend with" due to its actions. And although the Silvius was struggled against as just one battleship, the assumption that the nation to which it belonged to may have more, similar warships gave Ades the thought that it was buying time for a preparation of its country's fleet.

Episode 11

Number of Prayers
Farahnaz wears a rudraksha around her wrist. Its original use was to count a number of prayers.

Survivors Abandoned by the Exile
A derogatory term used on a man from the Ades Federation. During the mother planet revitalization plan, the descendants of those in the Ades Federation did not board the Exiles voluntarily. Originally, those who promoted the Exile plan, and the carrying out of the revitalization plan did not think the humans left behind would survive.

An ace pilot of Kartoffel. Atamora served as his navigator. His full name is Ferdinand A. Diehl, but he's known as Kaiser. It's somewhat of a legend that when you reach the point that you can walk, you can also pilot a vanship simultaneously. But in the case of the sky pirate children, it's the Melita instead of the vanships that they play with.

Grand Race
10 years ago, Farahnaz aimed toward the peaceful coexistence between every country with a huge vanship race, which was held at the end of both hard and soft tenacious negotiations. At that time, not only all of the nations present in the world, but even the sky pirates, who are people who didn't belong to any country, had participated in it. Additionally. there was a worldwide peace treaty scheduled to occur after the end of the race.

Heavy Vanship
A vanship of the Ades Federation, called Shahbaz.

Angels Who Descended From the Land of the White Sky
Farahnaz introduced Liliana to Luscinia and Alauda using this phrase. Originally, Luscinia and the others serving under Farahnaz as bodyguards were referred to as "twins," which appeared to be dispatched from the Guild facilities that are thought to be in the sky. Back then, the two sent were poor at expressing any sort of emotional ups and downs, but Farahnaz has taught them how to live like human beings, so they can express the feelings that have been gradually buried within.

Fam does not like this food. Their germination rate is slow, so it is difficult to grow them in particularly dry soil. However, since the cause for root rot is due to humidity being too high, cultivation is unexpectedly difficult. Because its nutritional value is high, the sky pirates grow it with a bit of a struggle, and what is grown and taken to the residential areas leaves a unique, powerful smell behind. Fam hates the way it smells.

Notos' Latest Model
Notos has developed a Claudia unit supercharger. When equipped, the durability of a vanship's engine is reduced, but its output is greatly improved. In addition, due to the unique engine sound it produces, it can be identified right away.

Entertainment Candy
Farahnaz bestowed these to children who came to see the Grand Race.

Episode 12

Assassination Force
Led by Alauda within in the intelligence department, these are troops whose mission is assassination in particular. They're also known as "Extermination Force."

Anatoray's new battleship. Based on the operational experiences of the Silvana* as well as vanship technology, theses ships were made without using Guild technology. Therefore, they don't use the conventional Claudia systems, but rather are equipped with a huge version of the units used in vanships. Six ships were originally built out a 50 vessel construction plan, battleships 2 and 5 were instantly sunk during the battle against the Silvana in the Dragon's Fangs (referencing the 12th episode from the original Last Exile series, "Discovered Attack"). The 6th ship, Eustachius, was sunk while battling against the Exile (referencing the 25th episode from the original Last Exile series, "Quiet Move"), the ship with the actual name Urbanus became a direct shield of Sophia and the Silvana in the same final battle, and got wrecked and stranded. Therefore, the ship currently known as the Urbanus was under construction as part of a new, secondary construction block with a 7th ship called Valerius, and the 8th warship Lawrence that were named together.

* Silvana: The ship that became the prototype for the Silvius, referencing the original Last Exile series.

Chromoly Steel Tube
The official name of the chrome molybdenum steel pipe, it's a pipe made from the alloy molybdenum mixed with a small amount of chrome and iron. It's very strong, easy to repair and to weld, so it's often used to make the frame of a vanship. The lightness of the aluminum alloy is excellent, though it's difficult to weld aluminum alloy, so it's not wise to use a component that needs to be repaired frequently, and because production is difficult for the sky pirates due to their equipment, they just don't use them.

Winged Maidens (Aero)
A vanship squadron piloted by females that is responsible for the defense of Glacies' front line, that excel in high-speed interception. The most famous among them are the "Four Winged Maidens," such as the Adamas Squadron.

Episode 13

From the full boost state, the Claudia temperature is raised and the emergency output is able to be squeezed out. It can only be used for a moment, but it can increase Fam's machine's speed by 10% or more.

Fleet Control Fire
In the case of bombardment, each individual ship is not to aim at one respective target each. Based on the observational data sent from the flagship, by modifying the position of the flasgship, a barage of gunfire is sent to the same targeted area. In principle, the bullets will all hit within a certain range and ensure the attack power is very high.

One of the Rakshasa class ships of the line of the Ades Federation. The Kumbhakarna, Ravana and Nikumbha are all the same type of ship.

Combat Box
Ship of the line battleships join in a tight formation along with the slower large sized ones, staying within a certain degree of altitude difference, in order to mutually eliminate their blind spots and oppose high-speed smaller objects such as vanships. Additionally, since they're concentrated in artilery defense, their enemy is less likely to attack.

Timed Incendiary Scatter Shot
After a certain amount of time has passed from the initial fire, a timed fuse detonates from an explosive charge inside of the ammunition, and bomblets with an incendiary effect that were contained inside of the shell are spread. It's often used to burn away at objects, and is used against fast flying vanships by being detonated in thier line of flight, capturing them in the net of flames produced.

Cruising Speed
Not applying to just battleships and vanships, it's the speech in which an aircraft is most fuel-efficient. In the case of Fam's vespa, that speed is 86.4 knots.

Incendiary Grenade
Unlike the shrapnel, when the explosive charge within the shell explodes, this sort of bullet does damage when the outer shell is scattered. The shell's speed is slower in comparison to other types of ammunition, so it's primarily used for ground attacks.

A ship of the line of the Ades Federation, modified version of the Rakshasa class ships. It is the same sort of ship as the Lamba.

An Arjuna class ship of the line of the Ades Federation. The Chitrangada and Ulupi are all the same type of ship.

Attrition Rate
Among combat powers, it's a number that indicates to what extent a battle can continue. In the case of battleships it's not only a matter of sinking, but the damage of the personnel, as well as ammunition and fuel shortages, that show when a battle will become impossible, so they are treated as a loss. Additionally, in the case of the Ades Federation's main fleet, all battleships are combat vessels, whereas support and supply ships are not included in the main fleet's battle force. During the time where a defense instruction is issued, the worst possibility of an attrition rate is 100%.

Second Air Defense Zone
The Glacies defense network is made up of three layers. The first air defense zone is around the first border, where the Winged Maidens perform high-speed interception with their vanships. Usually, while it's fully possible for interception here, if by any chance it's broken through, the second air defense zone where countless anti-aircraft artillery have been deployed lies in wait. If that is also broken through, the blessed protection of the winged goddess is invoked in the absolute air defense zone, which refuses the penetration of battleships, and is meant to seperate Glacies' centeal nervous system from the outside world.

Armor-Piercing Artilery
Ammunition used in order to break through armor. Armor-piercing bullets that are used in the Ades Federation use a hard material with a pointed bullet-tip, so due to the shell being heavy, it breaks and tears through the armor of the enemy. Because the armor of ships both belonging to the Ades Federation and its neighboring countries are relatively soft compared to armored opponents that boast of high strength such as the Silvius, the shell itself cracks in the latter case, so the power is reduced.

Full Boost
A state that requires a higher than normal compression ratio of Claudia, which fully opens the output. If the generation of heat becomes too much from burning for a long time, there is a risk of the engine burning out.

Episode 14

Our Leader
Words Sorush expressed when talking about Luscinia. A leader is the person in the center, so instead of looking at Sara as the head of the Ades Federation, why is Sorush looking at Luscinia as such?

Episode 15

People Abandoned by the Exile
People who did not board the Exile, many of them died along with the environmental deterioration, but the very small number of people who survived were those who founded the Ades Federation.

Great, Ancient Goddess
Something Luscinia is searching for. Details are unknown.

A citrus fruit, oranges are grown in warm areas with less water. Additionally, because they are vulnerable to the cold, areas whose summer temperature do not differ much from winter are suitable for cultivation.

Millet Porridge
Staple food of the Ades Federation. Rather than wheat or rice, this can be grown in areas where the land is barren and the climate is colder. Barnyard millet and foxtail millet, crops of the grass families such as millet, buckwheat, beans, vegetables and the like are also able to be cultivated. As for the Federation's land, which is on barren land with many rocky mountains, little water, and quite cold climate, it is not suitable for the growth of many good crops.

Split S
An aerial maneuver, where one rotates the aircraft to the side from level flight and raises the nose while in that position, looping in the opposite direction. It itself, it's a U-turn in a longitudinal direction and at a lower altitude, moving to the opposite direction as one was just traveling. While the altitude drops, one can turn without slowing down. Fam has self-proclaimed that she's good at that technique, but in actual practice she's not as good.

Princess Sophia is the head of the United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith. She is also primarily whom Vincent pledges his allegiance to.

Age of Calamity
From the deteriorating mother planet, many human beings escaped under the Exile Plan. After that, the planet was placed in a dormancy, and was entered into an age where the residence of humanity was quite difficult. It refers to that era.

Notos Oasis
In the Notos region, the remote areas are dry and close to the desert, there is a reservoir (oasis) which is made up by some of the water from the Grand Lake. While the temperature difference between day and night can vary, the area around the reservoir is relatively warm. Utilizing that climate, soil improvement and and fruit cultivation is actively carried out.

A main point of safety for the Ades Federation, located in the north. There are countless huge crevasses in the surrounding area, so the passage of battleships are very limited and close to impossible. Because of that, in order to pass it, because the detour to the east and west are so wide to get around it, there is no choice but to pass through it directly. However, the detour route around the Grand Lake side has very few areas where supply bases are in range for battleships, so there are near no times where it's actually used. The Federation began construction of the fortress at the same time they were securing the surrounding land, and the fortress's cannon can destroy multiple battleships with a single blow. There are many ships also stationed inside, existing as a large-scale repair arsenal, so it has become something of a literally impregnable fortress. There are also Claudia ore veins present in the crevasses, which is one of the reasons it's a prime strategic point.

Capital of the Ades Federation. After humanity escaped the mother planet in the past, the people left behind build this place in order to survive, it was built upward as a shelter.

People Who Lived in Turan Before Us
Refering to the people of the Ades Federation who live in rural Gonia. Before that, they were originally inhabitants of Turan, but with the return of the Turan Exile, they were forced to leave their place of residence.

Episode 15.5

Trial of Agon
A coming of age ceremony of the Guild. it is also a rite of passage in order to become a formal Guild member. At that time, it was also a battle to compete for the position of next Maestro. Originally, this was a formal ritual to only ascertain that one has the courage appropriate to become an adult, but it was changed by Delphine and made to her liking.

Grand Stream
A flow of turbulent winds that separated Disith and Anatoray. The outer edge has wind speeds greater than 100 knots. Due to this, a vanship will be damaged within just a few minutes, and even battleships have difficulty navigating. However, this doesn't mean that the storm rages uniformly across every point of the Grand Stream; referred to as the "rain bird's route" are relatively weak flows of wind.

Timed Torpedo
Urbanus class ships are mounted with torpedoes, one of which uses an impact fuse method (where it explodes on impact), and the other which uses a timed fuse which explodes after a certain time has passed.

Tapering Caliber-Type Heavy High-Angle Gun
The inner diameter of this gun narrows toward the tip of the barrel, so the bullets passing through are wound with a light alloy with a heavy metal core and shot through the muzzle of the gun with high velocity and penetration power. This gun was developed to be specifically used against heavily armored Guild battleships.

"What lies beyond the furthest reaches of the sky?"
The Mysterion passed down through House Eraclea over many generations.

House Dagobert
One of the Guild's four prominent families. The Guild was established around the four houses of Bassianus, Eraclea, Hamilton and Dagobert.

Candidates in the Guild for the position of Maestro, who they are second in power to. Those who have been chosen to face the coming of age ritual all get the title of Principal. Unlike them, Dio was a Principal from the time of his birth due to his being part of one of the four Guild houses.

Anatoray, Disith and their Guild all existed in this artificial celestial world.

7 Stars
In the Vanship Union, difficulty of missions are shown by a number of stars. While important missions with delivery from vanships are normal, 7 star missions are rarely seen. Even 3 stars is fairly difficlt, and 5 stars are usually considered the highest rank of work. When it comes to 7 stars or more, it's considered something of national importance.

The title of the person who holds absolute power of the Guild as it's highest authority. This position was originally chosen by a consultation of the Principals, but now the victor of the Trial of Agon shares the title with Delphine.

Words passed down through the four houses of the Guild. Combining them all creates a "key" which was intended to awaken the Exile.

"May good winds be with you."
Words of well-wishes often spoken between vanships pilots on the Silvana. Usually spoken along with a salute.

Rain Bird
Pure white migratory birds that travel back and forth between Anatoray and Disith through the Grand Stream. They fly through gentle airflows of the Grand Stream. Because cold air and rain would follow the arrival of these birds in Anatoray, this is how they got their name.

Episode 16

The official name of the battleship commanded by Orang. The northern shipyard in which it was built has a culture where systems differ even in the Federation. Therefore, because the ship was first built there, it was named after the shipyard to commemorate it, so its naming convention is different from the other ships.

Glacies' New Weapon
The conventional Glacies interceptor had a rapid-fire gun equipped in the nose, using a method to attack a target closely, but it became difficult for small aircraft measurements in regards to the Federation battleships. Therefore, in order to attack from a medium range, they were equipped with something using a formula that uses scattered explosive ammunition. Sorush did not know this equipment was a new weapon, and misconceived that.

Around the Boreas fortress, there's a very deep crevasse of earth, and from the rocky mountains protrudes the body of the fortress. In the vicinity, the land that remains is reinforced artificially, used as a passage to the fortress. The rift is called the crevasse, a word originally used to refer to a crack in a glacier, it's used as a proper name for the terrain around the fortress. The shape of the surrounding terrain is similar to that of the sky pirate bases, though while they protrdude from the Grand Lake, the difference is that this resides on land.

Heavy High-Speed Guidance Ship
Part of Sorush's Fourth Fleet, these S-class state of the art battleships are deployed on a priority basis. Particularly, the ship Sorush commands has been deployed as a priority ship. S-classes are equipped with a new type of Claudia propulsion system, so the airlift is increased with this refined design; it combines high speed and heavy armaments, the bow ram and an assured strengthening of armor. Additionally, an excellent crew is deployed on a priority basis, crew that are part of a 'virtual enemy fleet' used for training of other fleets. It is called a "guidance" ship due to that leadership role.

The Federation's state of the art S-class battleship. The name "Skanda" may have been initially considered, but because a ship with that name was already present, it was named Senapati. The Sanat Kumara and Shakti are the same type of ship,

Level Two Battle Stations
During downtime, the actions of the combatants and crew over 24 hours alternates between 3 shifts. However, when level two battle stations is declared, 3 shifts turn to 2 shifts with half of the numbers per station, as the remaining half waits to be put to work at any time. In addition, since the hatch to the inside of the battleship needs to be closed as a minimum requirement, meals are a little more simpler while on post.

Eastern Front
Like the southern front, it was the location of a war against a small nation that was located between the Grand Lake and the Ades Federation.

Southern Front
A large number of small nations existed south of the Federation, Notos and Turan. But the Federation's war annexed these.

Notos 12 Years
Much of Notos is a desert area, though viticulture is active around the oasis due to the climate, so it has become a well-known wine producing region. 12 years ago, due to the disturbance of war, the harvesting of wine fell extremely, so its number production has been drastically reduced, despite the fact that the quality of the wine itself is very fine and the taste very good, so wine of that year has become very valuable.

Full Ahead
Advancing forward at full speed, this term is something Sorush favors to use at a critical moment.

Fortress Cannon
A huge gun installed in the fortress Boreas used for its defense. It's able to attack battleships from out of their range of fire, moreover, since it fires from a stable ground, its hit rate is much higher than the guns on a battleship.

Episode 17

This battleship which belongs to Bose is part of Sadri's fleet's First Squadron. The ship's name means "snake," and it's sister ship is the Aniguis of the same fleet.

One ship of the I-class ships of the line, the meaning of this ship's name means "impulse," or "shock."

Imperium is the name-class ship of vanship carriers. Originally built as an I-class ship of the line, ships of the same class all had I initials. The meaning of this ship's name is "right to command."

Vanship Carrier
Based on the Grouse-type carrier, the loading of a large number of vanships on a battleship is possible from installing a hangar in place of where ammunition storage has been decreased. They're usually not stationed near the front of the fleet. When one competes with small forces with high mobility, it is obvious that reconnaissance force is insufficient, so these were added and made to be improved upon on a trial basis.

Kishar-Type Dreadnought
One of the Federation's older ships, characterized by their their curvy shapes. The design is based on the ships the Federation had back when it was first founded. Most warships of that age were eventually given to the nobility, and some ships from 100 years ago still exist among them. The basic design is unchanged, though construction was being performed while some minor changes in tactics over time were happening, though nothing newly built resemble them anymore.

Grouse-Type Superdreadnought Battleship
A standard production model battleship of the Federation. It's a simplified design based off of the a href="" target="_">Impetus, mainly built in the last decade. Productivity has improved with the standardization of the adoption of the rectilinear structure as well as the block construction method.

Crevasse Collapse
The Boreas fortress is surrounded by crevasses which are deeper than the highest altitude limit of a battleship, it was made taversable artificially by filling and destroying the rock there.

Sadri's fleet's first squadron's second battleship, that became the fleet's flagship due to the loss of the former flagship, the Anshar.

One of the Imperium-class vanship carriers.

The name of a woman, whose name means "free."

Episode 18

Major Geeth
His full name is Lambert Matthias de Geeth, sucessor as an earl of a noble house. His affiliation was with the King's Army First Guard Division, which was under direct control of the king, though he was away at the imperial city palace villa on guard duty at the time of Turan's fall.

Episode 19

Grand Exile
A very large Exile. Details are unknown.

Maestro Sara
Although it's a term to describe the supreme authority of the Guild, a Maestro was absent for a long time in the Guild of the mother planet. Sara is the biological key to move the Grand Exile, and is the only candidate for the Maestro, so by the time they reached the throne of the Grand Exile, the position of Maestro was obtained.

Lucciola's Seat
In the past, Dio's attendant, servant, bodyguard, but more than that, his best friend was named Lucciola. However, Lucciola gave his life in order to protect Dio, so Dio keeps the rear seat of his vanship as exclusively for Lucciola in dedication to him, which Dio still cherishes.

Episode 20

Augusta's Flame
A very large gun that is provided in the Grand Exile.

United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith's Empress Sophia
Sophia is the empress of the kingdom of Anatoray, and is simultaneously the leader of the United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith, as the two integrated at the time of the return to the mother planet, and she was crowned first empress.

Senior Wina
Cecily, the acoustic detector on the Silvius is the cousin of Wina Lightning, the acoustic detector on board the Silvana, who she looks up to as a senior, following through with her own junior training.

First Movement Flag
A communication instruction that roughly means "continue in my wake," which put simply means "follow me."

Exile Defense System
Exiles are normally provided with a defense mechanism, as is the Grand Exile.

The same S-class battleship as the Sanat Kumara, it's one of the 64 vessels created in that first production block.

A state of the art high speed S-class battleship, it's the same sort of ship as the Senapati.

Claudia Unit Sound
A Claudia unit emits sounds during its operation. Using silencing technology, one can quiet it to an extent that it cannot be heard very far out from a vessel, however since the Grand Exile was not used as a covert action, the sound it produces is loud.

High-Speed Object
Tentacles are part of an Exile's defense system. When attacked, these move at a rate that exceeds the speed of a normal battleship, and it counterattacks automatically.

Rear Wing Single Echelon Formation
Also known as the inverted v-shaped formation, the flagship being situated at the center, this formation lines up around the ship, falling little by little to the left and the right. It serves as an excellent rush force.

The flagship of Anatoray-Disith's combined fleet, commanded by Anatoray's empress, Sophia. This is a ship of distinguished service, having served in the war against the Guild on Anatoray's Prester, and is a symbol of the military.

Combat Module
The Federation's new model ship, in order to improve compatability and productivity, they were highly standardized. Especially as a central battleship, it's made to carry out retrofits for new weapons to support it for various missions. It has an exchangable block present, which is called the combat module.

Miss Sophia
Sophia is of higher rank than Tatiana, their relationship like the senior and junior of the academy, with Sophia as the executive officer of the Silvana, and Tatiana working as the vanship squadron captain. Sophia dislikes formalities, so permits Tatiana to address her as she does.

Multi-Shot Armor Piercing Cannon
A multi-barreled gun installed on the Silvana's stern, which fires large, high velocity kinetic energy bullets. Its penetration force is as strong as a rocket, and a large number of them are fired simultaneously.

Communication Wire Safety Range
In this world there are no radios, save for the exception of very few of them, wired communication and light emitting signals are used as a means of contact. If one requires confidentiality, especially when transmitting complex content, one should use a wire. For example, when ships use wired cables with each other while on the move, the cable pin is stretched, so it can get cut off with the smallest shake. In addition, because the cable itself is subject to wind pressure from a ship's sailing, the cable extends beyond the distance of a battleship. However, when extended more than necessary, it can disturb nagivation, and it may easily tangle, so wind speed must be determined for proper use. It's referred to as a "safety margin."

Boreas Strategy
The name of the Grand Exile capture strategy. By creating a "ground" in the air by means of the floating docks, by using a zero meter altitude limit, this strategy allows battleships maintain a high-altitude.

Commander-in-Chief Millia
Because executive officer and captain of the Silvius, Alis and Tatiana sortied in their vanship, the authority of commanding the Silvius was left blank. Therefore Alis, as the Silvius is the flagship of the fleet, transfered command authority of the ship to Millia in the form of being commander-in-chief. By way of the command of the battleship, Major Balfour has taken over the steering.

Ammunition Tube
A ship's gun ammunition is stored in an area where there is enough armor to keep it safe, so it is often away from the turrets on the surface of a regular ship. Therefore, a device for the turrets to carry ammunition is required; this is the ammunition tube.

Ram Attack
Urbanus-class ships, made for close range warfare, have an assault "beak" (ram) at their bow, as well as close range cutters on both sides of the ship. By making use of these, it becomes possible to attack by ramming with the "beak" and cutting on either the starboard and port sides of an enemy ship.

Episode 21

The name that Dio calls Claus. In the past, Dio witnessed Claus making a beautiful Immelmann Turn, and from that, became interested in him.

Huge Propulsion Engine
Referred to as the "Augusta's Flame," it seemed to be a number of huge cannons attached to the exterior of the Grand Exile.

Timed Fuse Torpedo
A torpedo with a built in timer that detonates automatically after a certain amount of time passes after its fire. Without having to hit a target, it can simply detonate where one wants it to explode.

16th Skyfish
Refers to Augusta Sara.

The defence mechanism of the Exiles.

Opened Route
An opening that has been "carved out," in navigation terms, refers to "being navigatible by eliminating obstacles."

Electrical power source of Turan, maintained primarily by hydraulic power. However, depending on the diversion of things like Claudia power with the new peace, construction of a new power generation system has begun to be carried out.

Group B Turret
Each gun turret has been assigned a letter, so a group of turrets is managed as a "group" according to their position on the ship. The surface of the front of the battleship is group A, group B is toward the front on the left, group C is on the right, group D is behind that. Before the underside is group W, underside left group X, underside right group Y, and the rear is Z.

A ship in Sadri's fleet, formerly owned by a noble.

The same sort of ship as the Fuchs, a formerly noble-owned ship which was taken over and incorperated as one of Sadri's fleet's extra ships.

Star-Shaped Ship (Guild Fighter)
Fighters used by the Guild for covert operations, the Guild designated these as "starfish." They have strong maneiverability and defense, as well as stealth capabilties, they have a long distance invation ability. They can be flown both as manned aicrafts that can be seperated, as well as autopiloted drones. When they attacked Fam and the others inside the Grand Exile, they were used as drones.

The most important part of the structure of a ship, going from bow to stern, its structurial material is considered the strongest part of a ship.