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This site more started out as a bunch of small projects that I just dumped on a blog for personal purposes. Mostly Dio-centric purposes! But as I started taking on more projects here and there, and had more people jumping in to add more things (scans, translations, other fun things!), I realized I had a lot of content and the motivation to want to take on more projects for the fandom. Especially since in doing my own little random things, this fandom has been the kindest, most amazing group of people ever. So in wanting to share everything with everyone in a place they can browse a little bit easier than a Dreamwidth roleplaying journal, I created this domain. If even a small handful of people find something new or simply enjoy their visit here, then I've done my job.

And on that note "I" would be Tara, long-time Last Exile fan, Dio roleplayer and all around loser who literally blushes at her screen grinning like an idiot when she meets any new fan of the series who even says hi to her.

This site was opened on May 24th, 2013, and is currently on layout version 1.5, featuring a poster image from the Range Murata Prismtone artbook, with a different color scheme from version 1.

There is seriously a ton of people who have contributed something to this site. If your name is not below and should be, please contact me! Likewise, if you'd like me to link to your own site or blog, or post your e-mail or other method of contact on this page.

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