glossary; last exile          

Episode 1

Armada (ship name)
A ship of the line of the Mad-Thane fleet. Originally stationed in Minagith.

Answerer (ship name)
A ship of the line of the Mad-Thane fleet, as well as a Claimh Solais class 4 battleship. Its name is derived from the sword of Lugh, who is known as the God of light in Celtic mythology.

Message Tube (world)
Letters inside these tubes are delivered via vanship transport. The number of stars attached to the tubes represent how high the risk of delivering it is. Delivering a message regardless of the risk is the pride and honor of a vanship pilot, so even if one inherits the task from another pilot for whatever reason, they also carry the original pilot's pride and honor.

Immelmann Turn (military)
Max Immelmann, a World War I pilot referred to as the god of air combat, devised this aerial combat maneuver. The way a vanship performs this maneuver differs slightly from the way a modern jet would.

Engine (mechanical)
To emphasize that the Claudia engines installed in vanships are not under Guild control, they are commonly referred to as simply "engines".

Acceleration Booster (mechanical)
Unlike a Claudia unit, these use a chemical reaction system, which allows an explosive thrust for a short period of time. Most of these can only be used once, and obtaining a booster that provides multiple uses is quite costly.

Guild Regulations (military)
In this world, the Guild mediates and places restrictions on combat, in order to keep ships from wearing too much or being destroyed. Musketeers must first exchange fire, and once the damage exceeds a certain percentage, there is a consultation as to whether or not the battle should be stopped. If so, the Guild will step in, in order to prevent hostilities from escalating to ship-vs-ship combat.

Claimh Solais (ship name)
The flagship of the Mad-Thane fleet. Its name is also used to identify other ships of the line of the same type within Anatoray's military. This ship is not very fast, but this is due to it being heavily armored, as well as equipped with many rifles for its musketeers. Its name is derived from the sword of Nuada, who is known as the God of battle in Celtic mythology.

Black, Yellow, Black (signal)
These colored signals are shot into the sky in order to begin Guild-mediated combat. The combination of colors encourage combatants to exercise alertness and caution.

Musketeer (military)
Before ships begin firing at each other, soldiers exchange fire from the decks of the ships. Due to the fact that they shoot at each other at such a dangerously close range, there is a great deal of courage needed to become one of these soldiers. The lives of these musketeers are very underappreciated.

Silvana (ship name)
Captained by Alex Row, this "invincible battleship" has performed guerrilla battle tactics in various regions around the world, and has been victorious in many of its quarrels. However, the Silvana is not under command of the Anatoray military, but rather the sole command of Alex himself, so the ship is seen as an annoyance by the military.

Starter (mechanical)
Claus' vanship is built for racing, so compared to other vanships, it's as light as possible. Due to this, it's not equipped with a Claudia starter. Therefore, electrical power as well as air supply is needed to manually start the unit.

The Third Battle of Minagith (world)
The largest battle in the surrounding Minagith area since Disith first invaded. Anatoray had been successful in defending the area during the previous two battles.

Armor-Piercing Shells (military)
A type of ammunition intended to penetrate heavily armored opponents. Incendiary rounds and high explosive cannons are other common forms of weaponry in the world. While they have similarities, they strictly differ in that the former is packed with cluster bombs that fires a scatter-shot, while the latter holds shrapnel inside of the bullet itself for the same effect.

Telemea (ship name)
A ship of the line of the Mad-Thane fleet. It was stationed at Minagith along with the Armada.

First Move (episode name)
The first movement, or "opening move" of a chess game.

Verify Check (mechanical)
A minimal check required before a vanship takes flight. Claus maintains his own aircraft regularly, so it's in good enough condition to only require this check before taking off.

Holly Mad-Thane (person)
Daughter of David Mad-Thane.

Mrs. Mad-Thane (person)
Wife of David Mad-Thane.

Unit (mechanical)
Generic term for the flight system powered by Claudia. With the exception of vanships, these units are owned by the Guild and installed in all other ships, along with Guild officers who remain with and maintain them. If a ship reaches or exceeds a certain level of damage in combat, the unit will detach itself and return to the Guild. These are also referred to as Claudia units.

Contact Tube (world)
The Vanship Union places the message tube inside of these in order to pass them off to vanships for delivery.

Episode 2

Goliath (ship name)
A ship commanded by Viscount (Colonel) Knowles. A portrait of Knowles has been painted on the ship's bow.

Connaught (ship name)
A ship of the line of the Mad-Thane fleet, and Ulster class 3 ship.

Signal DX (signal)
A flag signal that means "our ship is sinking." Usually a "D" and an "X" flag are raised, but there is also a flag with both on them found on the ships in this world.

Survivor Medal (military)
Given each time a soldier participates in combat in Anatoray's military. Once twenty of them are earned, the soldier becomes a "free agent," able to apply for a transfer to anywhere in the fleet they wish.

Partholon (ship name)
A light ship of the line of the Mad-Thane fleet, and Fomoire class 2 ship.

Meath (ship name)
A ship of the line of the Mad-Thane fleet, and Ulster class 5 ship.

Luft Vanship (episode name)
Luft means 'air' in German. In chess, it means moving a pawn in order to allow the King to move safely. So in the case of this episode, the vanship uses both definitions, acting as a decoy as well as taking to the air.

Episode 3

Corkscrew (place)
A spiraled corner in the valley of the Norkia suburbs. Tightly banked and narrow, it is a difficult area for racers.

Man Doing Laundry (person)
A carefree man who was hanging up his laundry in the path of the race course during the race, the storyboard describes him as a single, 28 year old man in striped trunks. Old Boy and Lucky Condor dropped from the race after they flew into his laundry.

75th Norkia Cup (world)
In Norkia, there is a race once a month, and at a pace of 11 races per year the annual champion is determined by the total points accumulated over that time span. Hurricane Hawk has been the undefeated champion for the last two years. This is Norkia's biggest event, and the tourism the races bring in serve as a major revenue for the city. Aside from the Norkia Cup, another popular racing event is the 8-hour endurance race at Horizon Cave.

Corridor of Death (place)
A dangerous and very narrow passageway beneath a temple, in the canyon of Norkia's suburbs.

Transpose (episode name)
In chess, this is a series of moves where the game shifts to a different track than what it originally started on. In the episode's sense, it reflects Claus' change from being in the race to being given Al and Ralf's mission to deliver her.

Nose-Hair Bastard (person)
Lavie's nickname for Sunny Boy.

Hurricane Hawk (person)
A pilot who has won the Norkia Race many times. He boasts his two year winning streak.

Barrel Roll (military)
An aerial maneuver where the unit flies in a circular motion, as if inside of a barrel, Claus uses this move to exit the corkscrew in the race.

Fat Chicken (person)
A heavyweight Norkia pilot in the race. Uses the term "claustrophobic" in an effeminate manner.

Figurehead (world)
Ornated on the front of a vanship, they serve as a sort of personal identifier for its pilot. Claus uses the figurehead that once belonged to his father.

7 Stars (world)
A ranking for vanship deliveries that is very dangerous and important, so is rarely seen by normal courier pilots. In Norkia, a 'difficult' mission is considered 3 stars, and 5 is usually the most difficult they see.

Bottleneck (place)
Part of the waterway beneath Norkia that gets extremely narrow. This area is used as part of the race course and is very hard to maneuver through.

Ralf Wednesday (person)
The pilot that appeared in episode three. Though very talented, he was killed while being pursued by the Guild.

Episode 4

Sound ID (military)
Both vanships and larger vessels have Claudia units that all have unique sounds that serve as 'fingerprints'. It is believed that the Guild starfish units that have been tracking Al sampled the sounds of every vanship near Ralf's.

Union Headquarters (world)
Headquarters of the Norkia Vanship Union that Claus and Lavie are part of. There are many associated unions around the world for their respective regions, but the main headquarters serves as a location for work placement as well as caring for retired or injured pilots.

Temple Ruins (place)
Abandoned ruins located in the northern mountainous area of Norkia.

Zugzwang (episode name)
Means "a tight spot" in German. In chess, it means to be forced to make a move by your opponent.

Nebula Forest (place)
A forest in northern Norkia that spreads to the foot of the mountain.

Hook (mechanical)
An anchor fixed to a vanship, that serves as both as a way to secure it in place or to communicate with another ship.

Myasa Village (place)
A small village located close to Norkia, and hometown to Fat Chicken's grandmother.

Episode 5

Air Brake (mechanical)
A device that increases a vanship's air resistance by opening small wings, in order to make a sudden descent or rapidy decelerate. By the way, the aileron by the front wings in Claus' vanship is what was used in episode 1.

Caulking Agent (mechanical)
A substance used to seal small holes and other sorts of minimal damage, most courier vanships carry some with them due to their line of work and the possibility of needing a small fix-up.

Checklist (mechanical)
A variety of checks Alister went through prior to the vanship's flight. The minimum amount of required items on the checklist before starting the engine are checking the steering system, the clock, various instruments, confirmation of the fuel tank, as well as the density of the fuel. Compared to the check of Claus' machine in the first episode, the differences between it and Tatiana's can be seen.

Half Amount (world)
A courier vanship pilots gets half of their pay along with the contact tube from the union at the start of their mission, and receive the other half upon delivery when they've obtained a 'reciept' as proof of said delivery. This is why Lavie was set on bringing back a piece of the ship as proof in episode 2, as they did not directly deliver their letter.

Positional Play (episode name)
In chess, this means to determine the status of the big picture and set your formation accordingly, in order to strike at your opponent.

Lift (military)
Installed in the rear deck of the Silvana, it's used for raising and lowering vanships. Being made up of two levels, it's possible to send the vanships to either the lower or upper flight deck.

Episode 6

Arbiter Attack (episode name)
"Arbiter" means "arbitrator," though in chess it refers to a referee. Originally referees, the title reflects those who were once bystanders now mounting the attacks.

Wina (person)
The Silvana's chief acoustic detector, her class is second lieutenant.

Inertia (military)
The inertia is a crank used for starting an engine. Claus' vanship requires one to start its engine because it does not have the traditional startup motor.

Cartridge (military)
Magazines used with steam-powered machine guns on vanships. Steam is required for firing and is transmitted from the engine. There are 100 bullets (200 when a unit is equipped with a left and a right machine gun), and they are similar to the bullets used by the musketeers in episode 1, though they are inferior in terms of distance and penetration damage.

Range 25,000 (military)
Unit measured in feet. The Silvana, for example, uses nautical miles to measure relatively short distances, such as directing attacks against another battleship and distances on maps. Feet is used for things like anti-aircraft fire between vanships that required more specific numbers. Yards are also used for distances somewhere in between, but isn't used nearly as often. As an example, if you were to use meters and say 7620m, the distance would be roughly 4 nauitical miles.

Claudia Magnetic Field (military)
Producing the buoyancy to bring a ship into the air is created from applying a downward pressure with the Claudia engines. Kostabi, who does not understand this theory simply uses the term 'magnetic field' to describe it. Due to the shape of the Claudia engine, it produces a donut shape as the Claudia is filtered through, and as such, the area below it and the lower area of the flight deck are considered safety zones underneath the lift.

Deck (military)
In general it is read "kanpan," but authorized ship staff read it "kouhan."

Near Soundless Navigation (military)
Each Claudia unit had a specific sound pattern, or fingerprint to identify it, but by significantly lowering an engine's output and speed, it can be more difficult to determine. Because most units are under Guild control and as such the output is controlled by Guild technical officers, achieving silent navigation is difficult.

Full Speed Combat Time (military)
Guils starfish can move for long distances under normal circumstanes such as reconnaissance. But as Alex knows from experience, when put in a situation such a battle where their engines are pushed to full throttle, they have a 20 minute limit.

Episode 7

Interesting Claus (episode name)
In chess, interesting can mean something like making a move or a play that catches the attention. In the episode it's quite literal because the attention is directed at Claus.

Rear Living Quarters (military)
In the Silvana's rear deck, there are rooms for the personnel and mechanics as well as the waiting room for the pilots, so they are collectively referred to as the rear living quarters.

External Fuel Tank (military)
Increases the amount of fuel available for a unit but able to be discared if needed, these are attached to the outside of an aircraft.

Special Distribution (military)
Refers to serving special meals and drinks that are not usually served.

Generator Room (military)
There are two generator rooms on the Silvana, located on both the left and right sides of the rear lower deck.

Personnel Room (military)
There are a large number of personnel rooms on board the Silvana, so because the full occupancy of the ship is below the number of free rooms, many of them are used as storage rooms.

Auxiliary Engine (mechanical)
Military vanships are equipped with a separate, lightweight engine that is used both for improved flight output as well as for use of mounted machine guns.

Redout (military)
Extended exposure to strong G-force can result in an excess amount of rushing to the head, causing bloodshot eyes and reddened vision. If exposure proceeds for longer periods of time symptoms can potentially result in fainting or even death.

Episode 8

First Water (world)
A drink served at the bar on Walker's floating dock. A cup of good quality water costs 80 Claudia.

Walker's Dock (world)
A private floating dock that also serves as a facility to provide entertainment to soldiers. Ships like the Silvana which are unable to dock at normal ports, as well as the Golath which tried to escape from battle, are all welcome to dock here so long as they pay a fee.

Green Typhoon (world)
One of the racing birds at Walker's casino.

Duel (world)
Dueling is done primarily by those who value honor. In some cases it is done person-to-person, though sometimes in the case of nobles they are done ship-to-ship when they own more than a few of them. In the case of ships, a witness is used to declare the winner before crucial damage is inflicted.

Under Direct Control of the Emperor (world)
Self-proclaimed title by Viscount Knowles of the Goliath. Many ships are privately funded by nobels, and as such are not part of a military organization. Because they're not being directed by the military but rather directly by the emperor of these nobles, this term is used, though in Knowles' case it was being used as a threatening bluff.

Gold Spark (world)
One of the racing birds at Walker's casino, it's a favorite due to its gaudy, gilded gear.

Vice Captain of the Goliath (person)
A normal military solider that serves under Duke Knowles' son. He has the capability and appearance of being a competent soldier, but due to having an incompetent superior it does not show.

Cocoon Emperor (world)
One of the racing birds at Walker's casino.

Multi-Shot Armor Piercing Cannon (military)
A multi-barreled gun installed on the Silvana's stern. Shells that resemble large warheads are fired at high velocity by using a vanship's booster, and the penetration is is enough to completely obliterate another battlship. However, because it can only fire from behind, its use in battle is limited. The Munroe Effect is unknown in Anatoray so they rely on kinetic energy to fire bullets.

Takeback (episode name)
The term means "to cancel or withdraw." In chess, it's considered a violation of manners to request to stop or withdraw a move. It can also be considered a rule violation and result in disqualification.

Sleepyhead (world)
One of the racing birds at Walker's casino. Its color is white and this bird reminds Lavie of Claus.

80 Claudia (world)
Claudia is the currency used in this world, based on one ounce of Claudia being equivalent to 1 Claudia. 80 Claudia is around the amount of a week's worth of food.

Kill'em All Silvana (military)
One of the Silvana's nicknames. It is rumored that enemies and allies alike do not remain if they happen to pass the ship.

The Unharmed Emperor (military)
Nickname of Viscount Knowles' battleship, the Goliath, which also has a second nickname, "the Retreating Goliath." The second nickname refers to the fact that the ship quickly flees the battlefield. This is seen at the start of episode 2, as it escapes in the midst of other battleships being sunk.

The Invincible Battleship (military)
One of the Silvana's nicknames. Refers to its undefeated career on the battlefield.

Euris (person)
The person Alex appears to be searching for, though details about them are unknown.

Red Snake (world)
One of the racing birds at Walker's casino. The mechanics associate it with Tatiana due to its red color.

Episode 9

Orglan (place)
A neighboring satellite city outside of Weskia, which is located east of Minagith.

Calculate Alex (episode name)
Means "to make use of" or "to contemplate" and to make moves to lead up to a bigger strategy in chess. In the episode's case, Alex is making strategic moves toward a greater goal.

Welcoming Party (world)
A ceremony the mechanics on the Silvana hold for newbies. All this 'ceremony' is, however, is simply ganging up on and beating up their new addition.

Campbell (person)
The Silvana's chief navigator, and third in command after Alex and Sophia. Being Lieutenant Colonel, he has a wealthy amount of combat experience. When Alex and Sophia are absent, he acts on their behalf as commander.

Marquis (world)
As the noble lords of important bases who are ordered to protect their surrounding areas, they are automatically given the rank of lieutenant general in the military. Mad-Thane, Knowles, etc. all hold this rank as well as own their own armies.

Class A Eligibility (military)
A result of military service inspection, where if a person's health and body are healthy and fit they are immediately appointed to active duty.

Delphine Eraclea (person)
Dio's sister, who appears to enjoy being praised.

8-Hour Endurance Race (world)
The Horizon Cave's specialty is a vanship endurance race. Lasting 8-hours, vanships on loan from the race organizers are used on the hollow course of the Horizon Cave. It's a very harsh race that you cannot win unless you have endurance as well as talent from both the pilots and the mechanics. It's one of the most yearned-for events for all vanship racers. The team that makes the most laps at the end of the 8 hours (which is at midnight) is the victor.

Heavy Cargo (military)
A large vanship used for transport of luggage and a large amount of people, so its speed is not as fast as the standard vanship.

Horizon Cave (place)
A free trade city located northeast of Minagith. Being in an outlying region of the world, it has extraterritorial right.

Episode 10

"What lies in the furthest depths of one's memory?" (world)
A phrase one must speak in order to open the "Door to Exile", it is believed that there are four of these questions along with their answers that must be recited.

Inherited Mission (world)
It is suspected that Al has inherited some sort of mission or fate related to the Exile.

500 Billion Claudia (world)
The final price that was ultimately reached on the bidding for the "Door to Exile," though such an amount of money could easily afford a crew and a task force, so Alex naturally having that amount doesn't seem likely. Also from the fact that Delphine gave the auctioneer a single ring in exchange, it's suspected that the auction itself was a farce after all.

Reward (world)
Using it as the 500 billion Claudia payment, Delphine gave the Horizon Cave owner, Jean Carlo, a ring. In reality, this ring was a tool used for assassination.

Swindle (episode name)
Meaning "to deceive" or "to trick," in chess it's used as a term where one tries make a move in order to trick their opponent. In this episode, various characters are trying to trick or deceive each other.

Marquis Knowles (person)
A powerful lord of western Anatoray, including Minagith. He seems to be a caring parent, as he tries to ensnare Alex for the sake of taking vengeance for his son, depsite the action being foolish.

House Hamilton (people)
Al's family home. She was allegedly guarded by two people - the butler, Graf, as well as her nanny, Gita, who died in the third episode. Their role was to protect and defend Al, who is connected to the "Door to Exile."

Bit (military)
Small, light-emitting signals mounted on Tatiana's vanship, used as markers for withdrawing from the Horizon Cave. By setting these up at key points on the course, Tatiana's machine was able to return to the Silvana.

Episode 11

Urbanus (ship name)
A very fast battleship, though its design is completely different from the Silvana, as well as other ships of the line in both Anatoray and Disith. Its appearence more resembles a huge, battle-ship sized vanship.

Exile (world)
A mysterious object that not only Anatoray's emperor, but many people in the world are looking for.

Battle of Otranto (military)
In the past, Vincent and Alex fought together in this battle against Disith.

Weather Control Device (world)
It seems to be involved in a matter of great importance in the world, though Dio does not appear to be aware of it.

Guild Boarding Privileges (world)
The Guild is free to board any vessel equipped with one of their Claudia units to perform inspections. If rejected, the unit can be recalled which makes denial of boarding impossible, though this is not the case for the Silvana.

Battleship Coffee (world)
It is widely known that Vincent loves coffee, so this has become a specialty on board the Urbanus.

"What lies beyond the furthest reaches of the sky?" (world)
The Mysterion passed down through House Eraclea, it is believed to be connected to the "Door to Exile" that Alex had previously obtained.

House Dagobert (people)
Like House Hamilton, it was one of the Guild's four prominent families that was purged by Delphine.

Develop (episode name)
Meaning "to grow" and "development", in chess it means to position and move pieces to the best locations possible. In the episode, it refers to the characters moving on their own for their own interests and benefits after the deceits in the previous episode.

Machine Duty (military)
Basically piloting in three shifts, so one aicraft (with a pilot and navi) is always ready for any sudden deliveries or communications.

House Bassianus (people)
Like House Hamilton, it was one of the Guild's four prominent families that was purged by Delphine.

Rebel (world)
Because the Silvana possesses a Guild-made Claudia unit that is unregistered with with the Guild itself, Lucciola determines that it was taken by those who rebelled against them.

Solder (mechanical)
A stable alloy made of lead and tin that has an affinity for different sorts of metals due to its ability to quickly melt, even at low temperature, and is used for mounting cables and other things. In this case, it seems the solder was used to bond something in a place not considered normal.

Vincent Alzey (person)
Admiral in Anatoray's army and captain of the battleship Urbanus. He's a friend of Alex from their academy days, and directly reports to the emperor, so is currently on defense missions in the Norkia area.

Northern Highlands (place)
A mountainous area spread across northern Norkia, it's a noteworthy place in Anatoray that produces high-quality coffee beans. Vincent, after arriving for his Norkia defense mission, was able to obtain high-quality beans from Mad-Thane.

Maestro Delphine's Family (people)
When he heard the name "Eraclea," Alex easily recognized the relation between Delphine and Dio. Alex appears to be familiar with facts about the Guild that are otherwise unknown to the public.

Mysterion (world)
Refers to the mysterious phrase Dio taught to Alex, that seems to be connected to the "Door to Exile" Alex has already obtained.

Recuise (person)
Chief engineer of the Silvana. Based on his conversation with Dio, it's to be assumed he is from the Guild.

Episode 12

Urbanus Class (ship)
There are six vessels in this category, and numbers 1 - 5 took part in combat in this episode. Their names in order are: Urbanus, Martinus, Georgius, Sebastianus, Julianus, and Eustachius.

Full Speed Advance (military)
A speed faster than the usual cruising speed rate, generally used to simply move faster, though it does not exceed combat cruising speed.

Near, Near, Near, Far, Bracket (military)
Refers to a series of shots where three hit the enemy's front, and one the rear, forming points that "sandwich" the enemy and open it to direct hits.

Two Black (signal)
A bullet signal indicating "two enemy ships discovered."

Three-Way Cross Attack (military)
A "beak" (or ram) at the bow of the Urbanus class is used in a timed attack to hit the Silvana from all directions. By eliminating their escape route with this action, the extrent of their preparation to take down the enemy is shown, as they may also hit each other by mistake in the process.

16 Point Turn (military)
To reverse by 180 degrees.

Two-Stage Strike, First Shot Observation (military)
A cannon used on a ship, where a first shot is used to adjust the perspective and angle of a following shot in order for that second shot to better hit a target. Conventionally, most ships in the world fire at close range at one another, while the Silvana's long distance shots are unique to it.

Smoke (mechanical)
A smoke signal generated by an engine's incomplete combustions, used to throw off the sight of an enemy. Signal flares like this are standard on vanships, and Claus was seeing using blue smoke in the second episode.

Scattered Incendiary Fire (military)
A shell packed with incendiary chemical formula whose fuse has a timed explosion, so the ignition can cover a wide range of fire - it's a unique weapon used by the Silvana. However, this shot has no armor penetration ability.

Discovered Attack (episode name)
Means "an attack being found out or discovered," though in chess it means to move your pieces in a way that pulls your opponent into a trap. In the episode, it refers to Alex and Vincent reading each other's moves in battle and trying both not to fall into a trap on their own and get the other to do just that, so they can claim the more favorable position in battle.

Vince (person)
Vincent's nickname.

Advanced Scattered Fire (military)
Multiple shots that can only be fired from behind, though by adjusting the rotation of the warhead, its trajectory can be slightly changed.

Silent Navigation (military)
Because most Claudia units are made, owned and controlled by the Guild, silent navigation is more or less impossible to achieve. However it is possible for the Urbanus, which is equipped with a special unit.

"May good winds be with you." (world)
Words of well-wishes often spoken between vanships pilots on the Silvana.

The Dragon's Fangs (place)
A series of rocky, reef-like formations protruding out of the clouds, which also produces strong updrafts. The Silvana often uses this location to carry out strategic battles.

Episode 13

Isolated Pawn (episode name)
In chess, it means a pawn that is easily targetable due to it's isolated position, which doesn't differ very much from it's general meaning.

Claudia Fluid Circulation Range (mechanical)
The Claudia fluid travels through the pipes at the rear of a vanship at a very high temperature and pressure, producing a half-gassification of the liquid which gives a ship thrust and buoyancy. However in this episode, because sections of the pipe were damaged, the vanship was not able to obtain sufficiant buoyancy to take flight.

Shelter (military)
In order to carry out any sort of stealthy action or mission, the Silvana has a network of locations they use in places not usually gone to or occupied by people. One of these is located in the desert area, which Claus was headed for.

Military Academy (military)
There are a number of military academies in Anatoray, established by nobles for training officers for their armies for the most part. The only academy with their doors open, so to speak, is the academy located in the Imperial City. Due to its location, which is also where Alex, Sophia and Vincent were born, it's under the control of the prime minister. Tatiana also had a scholarship there for her excellent performance, but lost her qualification so is no longer able to continue her studies there.

Georges Head (person)
Lavie's father. He was a close friend of Claus' father, served as his navigator, and died along with him when their vanship was destroyed in the Grand Stream. Tatiana had not previously spoken to Lavie and learned her full name, so was unaware that she and Claus were the children of the famous Valca and Head pair.

Dunya's Gun (military)
A state-of-the-art gun that uses compressed air to shoot its bullets, it was developed on a trial basis in Disith. Because of its weakness and short firing range, it was never formally adopted for widespread use. In this strategy, the guns were given to female soldiers that were unlikely to stand at the front lines.

Abandoned Nobles (world)
In this world, those considered wealthy or who hold a high status live in higher places than the rest of the world. These sort of nobles in particular are ones who were impoverished and could not be moved to those higher places during urban development. At the time of the migration, nobles were given their land by the state, so those who were determined not to receive land were "abandoned" by the state, so to speak.

Hamilcar Valca (person)
Claus' father. Known as a prestigious vanship pilot, he received the mission to deliver a letter of peace to Disith, so headed to the Grand Stream. However, he never returned.

Wisla Family (people)
Tatiana's family, who lived in the lower section of the Imperial City's neighborhood. Her father is a noble, though a baronet which is a lower ranked sort of noble. As he grew ill and bedridden, he also lost his territory. Tatiana only barely gained eligibity for her military enrollment.

Mass Balance (mechanical)
Because of the "balance of mass" in the migration capsules being distorted or moved in flight, many of them crashed. This sort of thing can be caused by luggage shifting or some sort of internal collapse or problem to cause such a shift.

Letter of Peace (world)
10 years ago, Anatoray had attempted to send a peace proposal to Disith to end the war. So not to be discovered or tracked by the Guild, they used a vanship to deliver the letter. However their hope was lost along with Hamilcar Valca, Georges Head, and their assistants.

Episode 14

Immigration Capsule (mechanical)
Disith constructed these large transportation capsules with assistance from the Guild, in order to immigrate to Anatoray. They possess Claudia units so are able to take to the air, however they do not have the ability to fly freely.

Etude Lavie (episode name)
Meaning "to study," in chess it refers to practicing a form of strategy and play. Through the eyes of Lavie, in this episode the term represents the flight self-training she and Claus went through as children.

Third Water (world)
The finest quality water available in Norkia, which comes directly from their own water sources. It is also the drinking water used on a daily basis in the Mad-Thane household.

Camera (mechanical)
Including film, cameras are considered a luxury good, costing the average middle-class about a year's worth of income. It's believed that Claus' father purchased his own in order to take aerial photography.

Half Gallon (world)
Equates to 2.27 liters, so a half gallon would be the same as buying a two liter bottle of water.

10 Stars (world)
The most difficult mission rating in the Vanship Union. This rating is only used for something of national importance.

Justina Valca (person)
Mother of Claus, she was originally the daughter of a noble. But due to the anxiety and life that she could not get used to after his death, she left the world in order to follow her husband.

Episode 15

Fairy Chess (episode name)
A term in chess that refers to a playing with an abnormal format. Anomalous movements are made that differ from the rules, such as initial placement and movements of pieces. In the episode's context, the pieces are the characters that have started unconventionaly moving, veering from what seemed to be their original goals.

Mariu Mountain Range (place)
A mountainous region in northern Anatoray, where the Dragon's Fangs as well as the Horizon Cave are located.

Episode 16

Urbanus' Newly Appointed Captain (person)
Despite having the appearance of a noble, Colonel Frederick is quite the dimwit. Serving under General Vitellius, he was appointed as captain of the Urbanus after the authority was stripped from Vincent.

Royal Carrier (mechanical)
The heavy cargo vanship that Sophia was aboard with the large Anatoray symbol on its side. Due to the size and the position of the emblem, as well as its colors, the type of person being transported can easily be identified.

Royal Guard (person)
His name is Knox. In response to the emperor's order before he lost his life, he attempted to assassinate Sophia but was stopped by Vincent, who had been sent by the prime minister who foresaw this action. Because he hesitated in killing Sophia, he complied easily to Vincent's order to stop.

Liquor (world)
What Alex was drinking, though instead of the rum that most sailors drink, the contents of his drink seem to be single malt scotch.

Scolopendra Cannon (military)
An ultra-long-range attack, multi-chamber steam cannon; it fires through the long gun barrel, shots passing through different steam engines built inside in order to accelerate the velocity of its shot. Because of the very high pressure the gun barrel goes through as well as the timing of adjustments that need to be made between every shot adding to the difficulty of its upkeep, it took very long to develop.

Small Room in the Tower (world)
The room Sophia is imprisoned in, it's a tower dedicated to confining nobles who cannot be openly executed. Various images of executions are painted on the walls of the interior of the room in very poor taste.

Breakthrough (episode name)
A term that refers to a military "breakthrough" of any sort. In chess, it means to sacrifice a piece in order to rush or "breakthrough" an opponent's defense. This represents many states of breakthroughs happening in the situations with Disith, Sophia, the emperor, the prime minister and Marius.

Episode 17

Retirement Group (world)
Aging pilots who have retired work by taking care of the business and management of the Vanship Union for the next generation of pilots. The men who passed off contact tubes in episode one were formerly vanship pilots.

Torpedo (military)
A multi-shot armor-piercing weapon that uses the same booster used on vanships. The difference is this uses a solid fuel rather than liquid. As Anatoray's latest weapon, it's only equipped on the Urbanus class battlships. As an aside, torpedo stands for 'fish shaped mine' in this world.

Special Forces (military)
The forces created for the Claudia unit capture operation are made up of vanship pilots as well as musketeers. Due to the fact that the musketeers in particular are used to combat where they stand side by side on board a battleship to fire, they require sufficient training because they will be attacking indoors.

Mikhail Wednesday (person)
Ralph Wednesday's brother, who also pilots a vanship. He's slightly more skilled than his younger brother, and is serving under the direction of the Vanship Corps as a civilian war worker. Unlike Ralf, he has a sweet tooth.

Making Material (episode name)
A term that means "to produce materials/an element," in chess it means to make a checkmate with the minimum number of pieces required to. In the episode it's referencing the pieces needed to begin taking action against the Guild being set and beginning to move toward an end.

Unit Capture Operation (military)
The strategy is to storm all battleship Guild-owned Claudia units and take control of them, thus winning the freedom of those ships.

The "Thing" (military)
What Sophia asked Walker about in secret in episode 8. It was finally equipped on the Silvana in this episode.

Episode 18

Testing for Poison (world)
Normally, Lucciola is required to do this in order to protect Dio, but since Dio has decided that the Silvana is a safe place, he goes ahead to eat things himself first.

Bow (military)
In maritime terminology, because orders sometimes cannot be sufficiently heard, the bow is sometimes called "omote."

Pledge Day (world)
A Guild ritual where all 17 year olds must pledge their allegiance to the Maestro. The date on which this ritual is performed is known as the pledge day. It is one of the largest events in the Guild, so much that even those who are maintaining the Claudia units on battleships must participate via monitor.

Coronation (world)
The ritual performed for Sophia to rise to the position of empress. Upon taking the throne, one must make an oath to "time" which is symbolized by an hourglass, as well as to those who fly in the skies through the wind.

Stern (military)
In the same way, the stern is called "tomo."

Month of the Goat (Tragos) (world)
One of the months in Anatoray's calendar system.

Dove (world)
It's a symbol of peace in Anatoray, but has become a regularly eaten food in Disith.

Rose (world)
Delphine's favorite flower is the rose, colored crimson like blood. Although it is said that the roses grown in the Guild are done so using special technology...

Promotion Sophia (episode name)
A term that means "to promote" or "to attain," in chess it refers to a pawn that has reached the enemy's territory on the opposite side of the board, thus turning it into a different piece. In the episode this refers to Sophia ascending to the throne.

Rain Bird (world)
Pure white migratory birds that travel back and forth across the Grand Stream. Because rain would follow the arrival of these birds in Anatoray, this is how they got their name.

Episode 19

Acoustic Torpedo (military)
A torpedo that is set to explode after flying a certain distance. If there is an object close to the explosion, a reverberation is generated. The Silvana and the Urbanus listen for these reverberations with sound detectors, and by comparing the differences of what they pick up, they can determine an object's position and distance.

Wages (world)
Until now, the distribution of wages on the Silvana was Sophia's duty, so when she departed the ship, the payments fell behind. While this isn't a big deal to most who are flying and traveling in the sky on the ship, it's quite serious for those like Tatiana who sends her funds back to her home.

Imperial Flag (world)
Any ship on which the Emperor is situated must raise the imperial flag, however the Urbanus' adjutant had already taken it down in anticipation that Sophia would not return to the ship.

Sicilian Defense (episode name)
A term that means "defense of the Sicilian people," in chess it refers to one of the standard tactics used in order to overwhelm and capture the queen. More than that, it's a term used for giving a gift to a person targetted by the Sicilian mafia to kill. The lavish gift of roses Delphine dropped upon the coronation, perhaps it was a metaphor for her declaration of war?

Mark of the Covenant (world)
The mark that appeared on Dio's forehead. When people of the Guild approach the age of seventeen, this mark emerges on their foreheads as a testament to swear their loyalty and commitment to Delphine. Originally, there was no forcing of loyalty connected to the mark. However, when Delphine became the Maestro, she ordered modifications to be performed on all Guild members for the mark to have such a compelling effect. Recuise left the Guild before being forced into these modifications.

Birth Week (world)
Unlike everybody else, in the Guild one is supposed to celebrate the week before an actual birthday. This week is referred to as "birth week."

Disith's Latest Model (military)
The barrage-type gun that Dunya possessed in episode 13. See "Dunya's gun" for details.

Episode 20

Anchor Torpedo (military)
The wired torpedoes that the Urbanus used and drove into the Silvana in episode 12, only modified to be used by vanships.

Exile Defense System (mechanical)
A system that indiscriminately attacks all who approach it without permission, its main attack being physical by means of tentacles.

Cube (mechanical)
A core part of the Exile's defense system. Each core possesses a camera for monitoring, as well as tentacles to attack.

Grand Stream (episode name)
Separating Disith and Anatoray is a flow of turbulent winds known as the Grand Stream. The outer edge has wind speeds greater than 100 knots. Due to this, a vanship will be damaged within just a few minutes, and even Anatoray battleships have difficulty navigating due to the Guild restrictions on their output. However, this doesn't mean that the storm rages uniformly across every point of the Grand Stream; referred to as the "rain bird's route" are relatively weak flows of wind. Several of these paths have been confirmed. The thickest, main flow of streams pass through the vicinity of where the Guild is located and connects Anatoray and Disith. While it's called the "Grand Stream," the term is sometimes used as "Ground Stream," since for the Guild who resides in a city in the sky, it is the equivalent of the "ground" to them.

Search Section (military)
Sections of the Grand Stream that were planned to be examined were divided into a grid-like map. This was thanks to Disith's own travel route maps of the entire Grand Stream.

Forehead Marking (world)
The Mark of the Covenant. If the bearer does not attend the Guild ritual performed on the birth week of the 17th year, it is said that the mark naturally disappears...

Marius' Debt (world)
Alex had received support of prime minister Marius in various ways, such as maintenance for the Silvana. These actions point to the "debt" being owed. However, Sophia being crowned empress as well as the Exile key and Mysteria being obtained were considered payment enough for that debt.

Unregistered Ship (military)
A ship whose Claudia unit is not controlled by the Guild. Namely, the Silvana.

Episode 21

Trial of Agon (world)
The coming of age ritual performed in the Guild as way to join the formal Guild members, it is a test in order to challenge the Rite of the Covenant. It is only possible for those who make it through the test to become a Guild member.

Al's Dream (world)
A dream Al had while she was taking a nap in a vanship. Since entering the Grand Stream she's had the same dream, so made a painting of it.

Alex's Gun (military)
Pistols that were hidden in his sleeves. They're equipped with knifes so if the gun runs out of ammunition, it's possible to move into close combat. Much like his sword-cane, Alex's gun uses a liquid chemical to fire.

Fortress (world)
The Guild's stronghold.

Mushroom (world)
Mushrooms that can only grow in places with high-quality water. In the extremely dry Anatoray, they lack wetlands and deciduous trees. Therefore, any suitable places for the growth of these mushrooms is very limited.

Interrogation Officer (world)
People in charge of forcing confessions by using the Guild's technology.

Catfish (world)
A freshwater fish whose bland but refined flavor makes up for its unfavorable appearance. It lives in the muddier parts of rivers, lakes and swamps with gentle streams, where aquatic plants tend to grow. In Anatoray, they live in the reed nearby the many water treatment plants.

Yak (world)
A beast of burden possessing fresh artiodactyla meat that only live in the extremely high altitudes of the tundra. They have adapted to the cold climates and high altitude. They have very long hair, but it does not molt. Therefore, they are not well suited for warmer climates. Because their body weight exceeds 300kg, it is dangerous to even carry and transport it after they are hunted.

Ghost Ship (world)
Derelict ships that are said to haunt the Grand Stream. It is believed that the majority of these ships are Disith ships that were destroyed during their crossing to invade Anatoray, but perhaps there's more to it than that?

Rook Dio (episode name)
In chess, it refers to the rook piece. Additionally it's implicated to be the "castle," so if interpreted literally, the nuance would be "Dio's Castle." However, as long as a rook and a king piece have not been moved, their positions can be interchanged in the castling move. What does this suggest...?

Episode 22

Emigrant Ship (world)
How Delphine refers to the Exile.

Queen Delphine (episode name)
In chess, it refers to the queen piece which is the strongest piece in the game, able to move horizontally, vertically and diagonally as many squares as it wants.

Truth Serum (world)
Liquid that the roses wrapped around Alex's body inject. These roses grow using the blood of humans as nourishment, and use a special liquid that is injected into the bloodstream via thorns, that forces confession.

Principal (world)
Candidates in the Guild for the position of Maestro, who they are second in power to. Those who have been chosen to face the coming of age ritual all get the title of Principal. Unlike them, Dio was a Principal from the time of his birth due to his being part of one of the four Guild houses.

Maestro (world)
The title of the person who holds absolute power of the Guild as it's highest authority. This position was originally chosen by a consultation of the Principals, but now the victor of the Trial of Agon shares the title with Delphine.

Episode 23

Barge (military)
A ship that the emperor is situated on.

Castling Lucciola (episode name)
In chess, it refers to a special move made by the rook to join the battle while defending the king. This is done by swapping the positions of the king and the rook so long as neither piece has been moved. In the episode, it refers to Dio becoming the next Maestro through the Trial of Agon, making him the "king," while Lucciola is the "rook" protecting him.

Guild Stronghold (world)
The Guild's city in the sky, that Delphine calls the "castle." While it has no official name, the Guild calls it the "castle," while Anatoray refers to it as "the Guild," "Guild castle," or "Guild headquarters."

Gloire (ship name)
One of Disith's Reparation-class battleship. Its name means "honor."

Kerasion Mousse (world)
Black cherry mousse. Because cherries are produced in drier areas with little water, they can be found and harvested in Anatoray. The yogurt mousse served is topped with the highest quality black cherry and black currant sauce.

Conquerant (ship name)
One of Disith's Reparation-class battleship. In Disith, many of their ship names are derived from French, this one means "conqueror."

Fortune (ship name)
One of Disith's Reparation-class battleship. Its name means "fate."

Lucciola's Communication Device (mechanical)
The earrings worn by those in the Guild are communication devices. As a result, it is possible to communicate with any other Guild members as well as the Guild stronghold. This sort of communication device is also incorporated into every Claudia unit on a battleship, including the Silvana. Lucciola more than likely learned the correct communication frequency for the Silvana from Recuise in advance, and set it accordingly before giving it to Al.

Rain Bird's Route (world)
The areas of the Grand Stream with weaker winds are referred to as the rain bird's route, as they use these currents to cross it. The main flow of currents leads directly to the Guild stronghold, so it is theorized that the Guild created this path itself.

Episode 24

Up-trim (military)
When a ship's bow is raised and it begins to ascend. In the case of a descent, it is known as a down-trim.

Motion Flag (military)
A flag signal indicating the order to follow in wake of the flagship. Unlike other signal flags, since this flag represents the will and spirit of the commander, there is a specific flag used for it.

Audacious (ship name)
Ship of the line of Anatoray's Imperial Defense fleet. Its name means "bold."

Guild Castle (world)
See "Fortress" and "Guild Stronghold."

Thunderer (ship name)
Ship of the line of Anatoray, formerly part of Marquis Knowles' fleet. The Telemea that was sunk in the first episode was its consort ship. It's name can also be a metaphor for "God," but it's standard meaning is "roar of thunder."

Sealed Move (episode name)
"Sealed" has a meaning of "a movement that has been sealed," though there are also nuances that can mean "finalized" and "a fate that has been determined." In military terms it means "top secret." In chess, a "sealed move" refers to expressing a future, planned move during a break in the game. In this episode, the Mad-Thane fleet pushes forward to a destiny that they have predetermined for themselves, Claus has received a top secret mission, a "sealed thing" was entrusted to Lavie, and the Exile itself is something "sealed," so all are being referred to in this case.

Wind Power 9 (world)
A term roughly representing the intensity of the wind speeds, 9 reflecting winds in the 41 - 77 knot range, which is a rather violent condition. In modern Japan Meteorological Agency teminology, this would be called a "strong gale." As a side note, the winds of the Grand Stream would exceed 16 on this scale.

Minerve (ship name)
An Anatoray frigate belonging to the Guard's fleet. It's named after Minerva, the goddess of war.

Revenge (ship name)
A ship of the line of Anatoray, part of the Imperial capital's defense fleet. Its name means "vengeance."

Episode 25

Eustathius (ship name)
Sixth ship of the Urbanus fleet. Because its completion was delayed, it was not present during the battle against the Silvana in the Dragon's Fangs because it was still undergoing training. Therefore, the ship's first battle is in this episode.

Quiet Move (episode name)
While it literally means "a quiet movement," in chess it refers to a move a player makes to their opponent without capturing any pieces or reaching a check that don't seem threatening, but actually is. In the episode, it refers to the prelude of the confrontation between the Silvana and Delphine.

Special Tuning (mechanical)
Claus' vanship that had been modified for racing went through changes with engine tuning and strengthening of the frame, returning it to its original specifications which were to suited to cross the Grand Stream. Upon returning the ship to its original specifications, a high-purity fuel engine was added to it, improving its performance in comparison to when Claus and Lavie's fathers piloted it.

Sound Detector Limit (military)
Once sounds exceed a certain level, such as when too many explosions are occuring, using the sound detecting methods to search and detect objects becomes impossible.

Episode 26

Timed Torpedo (military)
Urbanus class ships are mounted with torpedoes, one of which uses an impact fuse method (where it explodes on impact), and the other which uses a timed fuse which explodes after a certain time has passed. The acoustic torpedoes used in this episode use the timed fuse.

Tapering Caliber-Type Heavy High-Angle Gun (military)
The inner diameter of this gun narrows toward the tip of the barrel, so the bullets passing through are wound with a light alloy with a heavy metal core and shot through the muzzle of the gun with high velocity and penetration power. This gun was developed to be specifically used against heavily armored Guild battleships.

Diadem (ship name)
A lightweight ship of the line of Anatoray, part of the Dalrymple fleet. Its name means "crown" or "royal power."

Booster (mechanical)
Lavie wanted one for a long time, and although she finally got it, she never got the chance to use it during the Norkia Cup. It was removed when the vanship had to undergo maintenance, but was reinstalled just prior to takeoff.

Majestic (ship name)
Ship of the line of Anatoray, part of the south defense fleet. Its consort ship is named the "Magnificent." Its name means "dignified."

Huge Doors inside the Lake (world)
The doors on the inner wall of the Exile's air lock.

Resign (episode name)
While its standard definition is "to resign, to give up," in chess it means to concede from the game.