claus & alex drama          

A drama that takes place during the Last Exile series that focuses on Claus and Alex. In November of 2013, a special event called Last Exile Night 3 was held in the Brilla ShortShort theater in Japan, where fans could marathon a special screening of the series to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary. Atsuhiro Tomioka, one of the script writers for Last Exile wrote this drama specially for the event, and guests Mayumi Asano and Toshiyuki Morikawa (Claus and Alex's seiyuu) performed it live. As of now there is a near-complete script, but no recordings available, and no plans to officially release the drama. However here is what has been obtained of the script:

It starts on Earth, and Claus is reminded of Alex.
Claus: (Alex Row. I've thought about him many times since arriving on Earth. I don't think I'll ever forget. It's something deeply ingrained in my heart.)

Then begins a recollection of Claus. The stage is set after episode 16. Claus has a chance encounter with Alex in the hangar, during the night. He's drinking alcohol next to the vanship. Claus asks him what he's doing in a place like this, and Alex holds out his liquor to Claus without an answer.
Alex: "This is wine made in Norkia. You can have the rest."
Claus: "No, thank you. I don't really drink alcohol."

Claus moves to leave, but is stopped by Alex.
Alex: "Were you talking to the vanship?"
Claus: "My vanship is a friend. It's the same for Lavie, sometimes when things get hard, we talk to the vanship."
Alex doesn't respond.
Claus: "I'll protect Lavie and Al."
Alex: "I'm protecting that kid for my own sake."
Alex's tone is rough when he answers Claus.
Claus: "Everybody on the Silvana, Godwin and the others, they all follow you loyally. Think about the rest of the crew more!"

Alex: "... why do you fly in the sky?"
Claus: "I do it because I pilot a vanship. I want to know what is happening in these skies. So I fly to find the answer. Even if flying to learn ... will be painful."
Alex: "Claus. Look at me. A person who learns becomes like this. I'm already dead. This is your future."
Claus: "You're wrong! I won't become like you!"

Alex: "You called the vanship a friend, but there was a man who called it his own self. When a person is away from the ground, they become the vanship themself. That's something that your father said. ...It was very like your father."
Claus: "Don't you want to fly freely in the sky, too?"
Alex: "The day I came to tell you about your father's death, I wondered if I only came back to make your mother sad. I stopped being able to fly. But eventually, I was driven by the sudden impulse to fly, one day."

Claus: "What did you think when we came aboard the Silvana?"
Alex: "I thought that a ghost appeared."

Claus: "Why do you fly in the sky? You don't look at the current sky. You look at the sky from 10 years ago."
Alex: "The reason why I fly is the same reason I flew 10 years ago."
Again, Claus asks Alex. "Why do you fly in the sky?"
Alex: "Because I love it."
Claus: "That's a good old answer. (I feel like I undestand a little more about the man named called Alex Row.) ... it was nice to be able to talk today."
Claus takes the liquor from Alex, and promptly chokes on it after trying to drink vigorously.
Alex leaves.

Claus: (Alex didn't give me the answer I was expecting. I wanted Alex to tell me "I want to fly in 'my own' vanship.")