firefly's prayer - overload          

A drama that takes place during the Last Exile series that focuses on Dio and Lucciola. In March of 2012, a special event called Last Exile Night 2 was held in the Brilla ShortShort theater in Japan, where fans could marathon a special screening of the series. Ayana Yuniko, one of the script writers for Fam, the Silver Wing wrote this drama specially for the event, and guests Noda Junko and Tomoe Hanba (Dio and Lucciola's seiyuu) performed it live. As of now there are no scripts or recordings available, and no plans to officially release the drama. However here is a summary as well as a couple of bonus links for curious parties:

Overload is a chess term, meaning A piece that has too many defensive duties. An overloaded piece can sometimes be deflected, or required to abandon one of its defensive duties.

The drama takes place during episode 12, where the Silvana and the Urbanus are about to battle in the Dragon's Fangs. Out of the blue, Dio suddenly tries to make a deal to fight with Lucciola, with the reasoning of "friends can fight each other." (it could be assumed that perhaps word going around the ship of Alex and Vincent being friends who are about to do battle influenced Dio's train of thought) Lucciola declines Dio's suggestions with the statement that he's a servant and can't agree to such a thing.

This causes Dio to remind Lucciola about why he gave him his name, which turns into a flashback of them as children. Lucciola is the name for the firefly, and Dio explains to him that fireflies glow to do things such as communicate and find mates. Lucciola brings up that he/"insects" don't have hearts, and Dio tells him that it's just Delphine who says things like that. Dio believes that "insects" (which, due to the naming schemes of the servant class, Dio is talking about them when he says it) have hearts and souls just like the him and the others in the Guild, so they're not any different from each other. He wishes to know the true feelings that are in Lucciola's heart.

The flashback ends, and Dio asks Lucciola what he's thinking at that moment. Lucciola pauses to think and Dio notices a change in his expression/demeanor as he tries to figure out what to say, but they're interrupted by a ship-wide announcement to head to the hangar for the upcoming battle. With Claus as one of the people heading out, Dio wants to go and see them off, so the two of them head toward the hangar. Lucciola has an inner monologue about his feelings; how his heart starts to pound faster when Dio calls him a friend, and though he is a servant and must be/act as such as a first priority above anything else, that his 'master' has given him so much. And though Dio insists that the two of them will be together always, Lucciola still feels a little envious that they have to hide their friendship due to the fact that Delphine will not tolerate servants having emotions, in comparison to somebody like Claus who Dio can openly call a friend. He wishes someday that they won't have to hide it.

The drama ends with the scene from episode 12 with Dio and Lucciola out on the Silvana's deck where Dio leans out and says "Lucciola, look! I can almost touch the clouds!"

One Japanese fanartist drew a wordless comic based on the drama, you can read it here to further get a mental image of it.