Here you'll find all of the music from the series! Not just the OSTs, but singles, instrumentals, TV versions, remixes, orgels and more! All music is also available for listening online, aside from non-Last Exile-specific tracks on singles/specialty albums. And there are convinient links if you want to own the albums yourself and support the artists. All album scans can be found in the image gallery.

Last Exile OST 1
Dolce Triade
Victor Entertainment
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1. Cloud Age Symphony (listen) (lyrics)
2. A Morning In Norkia (listen)
3. Workin' On The Cloud (listen)
4. To The Race (listen)
5. Prayer For Love (listen) (lyrics)
6. Brave Willing (listen)
7. Cover Stories (listen)
8. Flyin' To Fly (listen)
9. Requiem In The Air (listen) (lyrics)
10. Hello, Kitty Girl (listen)
11. Chivalry Spirits (listen)
12. Advances (listen)
13. Naval Affair (listen)
14. All Is Over (listen)
15. Skywriting (listen) (lyrics)
16. Silverna (listen)
17. Vanishing Point (listen)
18. Complicated Decision (listen)
19. Over the Sky (listen) (lyrics)

Last Exile OST 2
Dolce Triade
Victor Entertainment
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1. Road To The Light (listen)
2. Head In The Clouds (listen) (lyrics)
3. Fleet Of Littleships (listen)
4. Heavy Cocoon (listen)
5. Ground Stream (listen)
6. A Stimulant (listen)
7. Rays Of Hope (listen) (lyrics)
8. Beautiful Fields (listen)
9. Coronation (listen)
10. Lost Friend (listen)
11. Princess, Sophia (listen)
12. I Can See A Heart (listen) (lyrics)
13. Malicious Queen (listen)
14. Ceremonious Play (listen)
15. Counterattack (listen)
16. Make Advantage (listen)
17. Dreams Of Fathers (listen)
18. Lastexile (listen)
19. Over The Sky (Angel Feather Ver.) (listen) (lyrics)
20. A New World Has Come (listen) (lyrics)

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing OST 1
Hitomi Kuroishi
Flying Dog
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1. Silver Wing (listen)
2. Buddy (TV ver.) (listen) (lyrics)
3. Sanctuary (listen)
4. Heart in the Right (listen)
5. Back to the Place (listen)
6. A Rose in the Wind (listen) (lyrics)
7. Original Sin (listen)
8. Amazing Land (listen)
9. National Disappearance (listen)
10. Sky to Recovery (listen)
11. Tail Wind (listen)
12. Wings of Honor (listen) (lyrics)
13. My Favorite Home (listen)
14. Ominous Clouds (listen)
15. Failed to Resolve the Crisis (listen)
16. Gamesmanship (listen)
17. Red-letter Warfare (listen)
18. I've Got Friends (listen) (lyrics)
19. Sorrows of Life (listen)
20. Rolling Take-off (listen)
21. Reconciled My Fate (listen)
22. Merciless Attack (listen)
23. Critical Points (listen)
24. The First Exile (listen)
25. Starboard (listen) (lyrics)

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing OST 2
Hitomi Kuroishi
Flying Dog
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1. Starboard (Silky Wind Ver.) (listen) (lyrics)
2. Innocent Eyes (listen)
3. Sky Knowledge (listen)
4. Northern Girl (listen)
5. Legacy from the Moon (listen)
6. Cruel Enemy (listen)
7. Brush Hockey (listen)
8. Everything I Wish (listen) (lyrics)
9. Memories (listen)
10. My Anniversary (listen)
11. Pure Heart (listen)
12. Celebration (listen)
13. I Feel Love (listen)
14. Breaking the Silence (listen)
15. Hero in Me (listen)
16. Glory Road (listen)
17. Battle Cry (listen)
18. Flag of Victory (listen)
19. Grand Exile (listen)
20. Cold Decision (listen)
21. Mysterion (listen)
22. The Key of the Storm (listen)
23. Holy Light from Heaven (listen)
24. No Sacrifice No Victory (listen)
25. Kaze no Kyoukaisen (listen) (lyrics)

Cloud Age Symphony
Shuntaro Okino
Victor Entertainment
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1. Cloud Age Symphony (listen) (lyrics)
2. Skywriting (listen) (lyrics)
3. Cloud Age Symphony (instrumental) (listen)
4. Skywriting (instrumental) (listen)

Maaya Sakamoto
Flying Dog
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1. Buddy (listen) (lyrics)
2. something little
3. Buddy (instrumental) (listen)
4. something little (instrumental)

Other remixes/songs
1. Buddy (Orgel) (listen)
2. Buddy (Melodic Taste) (listen)
3. Buddy (in the Silence Live) (listen)
4. Buddy (COUNTDOWN Live) (listen)
5. Buddy (bluesilvia) (listen)
6. Cloud Age Symphony (AGt mix) (listen)
7. Cloud Age Symphony (Grand Stream mix) (listen)
8. Cloud Age Symphony (No kick mix) (listen)
9. Cloud Age Symphony (Deep mix) (listen)
10. Lost Friend (Angel Feather Voice 2 album) (listen)
11. Over the Sky (Orgel) (listen)
12. Starboard (Angel feather ver.) (listen)
13. Starboard (TV-size) (listen)